Wednesday, March 16, 2016

They Said This Would Happen

Here's a list of things that people told me about pregnancy early on that are coming to fruition now.

- Another twin mom in my office told me that by the end of her pregnancy, she was just working from home. Now I’ve had a miserable pregnancy, but I also don’t like being cooped up in the house. So when she told me that, I was thinking “Ok, that’s your life, that’s not mine.” I’ve since grown accustomed to working from home. And it’s painful to walk from even the bed to the bathroom, so about a month ago, I just decided that I’m not going into the office anymore.

- When I told my HR contact that I got a hospital that was about halfway between home and work in case I go into labor at work. She's a mom of two boys and she goes "you won't be at work." Again, I took her words and thought to myself: How do YOU know that. Man, she was right. I'll either be at the hospital, since I'm going twice a week now or I'll be at home. She knew.

- My bestie told me that eating in the first trimester is hard because of the morning sickness. She said eating in the third trimester is hard because there's nowhere for the food to go. LAWD, THAT'S MY LIFE x 2. I got sick after eating a big lunch about a week ago and I haven't had morning sickness in a while, so I was convinced it was food poisoning. Nah, it was two little girls play hopscotch on my organs who decided an entire plate of pasta is too much food for mommy. I eat smaller plates now.

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