Sunday, March 13, 2016

Stay Humble

So like I was saying yesterday, my physical limitations have me in the house "bored" on the weekend, but I've been doing what I think they call nesting. Basically arranging or re-arranging furniture and decorating. And when I say arranging, I mean calling my friends and boyfriend over to move things to places where I think they should go.

I can't even pick up trash off of the floor anymore. If I drop something, it'll just be there until my boyfriend gets home.

Today, I realized that I have to remain humble in motherhood. Not that I didn't know this, but there are subtle reminders at every turn.

On the personal finance front, I found out that a "dependent care fund" is not for medical costs related to dependents. It's for childcare (daycare, nannies, etc.). So the new pile of money I thought I could sock away to cover hospital and pediatrician fees is nonexistent... but I might get a break on daycare costs. Whatevs. This first year will be a learning experience.

I also realized I put all of the wrong bedding on my baby registry. Surprisingly, no one bought bedding off of my registry. Bedding isn't terribly sexy. People bought onesies with catchy little tittles and swings and highchairs and bottles and I'm SO grateful. So as soon as I could get my 10% discount (2 months before the due date), I went and bought ALL the bedding. Crib sheets, mattress pad, and I already have blankets that someone gave to me. I'm good to go right... wrong.

I put the sheet and crib bumper on and realized that I still need a crib shirt/dust ruffle AND that you can't put a cover on a crib bumper. I bought a white one thinking I could dress it up depending on what other decor I find. Not so.

So I had to send all that stuff back to Amazon and start from the drawing board with the bedding. Here's the thing: I hate decorating. It overwhelms me. Everything that's in my apartment is something that I bought a long time ago and I get everything in neutral colors, so nothing is TOO out of place. Blacks, browns, tans. That's what my un-decorated apartment looks like.

But I can't do that for a little girl's room. I want them to have pinks and purples and vibrant colors and lively things to look at.

So yeah, I spent what seems like the last 12 hours finding the perfect crib bedding set and customized wall decals, then finding deals on all the pieces. I guess this is about the time a mobile person would spend at malls and stores figuring all of this stuff out.

Having a baby is like having a wedding. Buy a regular cake: $50. Buy a wedding cake: $500. Buy a regular bedding set. $100. Buy a "crib" bedding set and the cost doubles. And don't dare look at luxury crib bedding. Just look away. LOL!

So yeah, after piecing together some free shipping and 10% off here and 5% off there, I think I did ok and I'm truly excited for how the room is coming together.

I just hope the stuff gets to our apartment before the babies arrive. Fingers crossed!

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