Thursday, March 17, 2016

Pregnancy Brain is Real

I've always been forgetful, absentminded in the short term. I will never find my keys unless I put them in the exact same place every day.

But my long term memory is/was better. I remember more phone numbers than most. I remember people's birthdays. In college, I was like a walking calendar. And til this day my bff, who remembers NO ONE, will hit me up like "T, how do we know XYZ person."

But then I got pregnant.

Pregnancy brain is REAL. At first I thought it was just because I have SO MUCH on my mind. There's no space for minor details.

But it's getting worse. It's not like I can't remember things at the moment. I can't remember things I used to know AT ALL. Here are some examples

- People's names. (as a PR person, this is a damn shame.)
- Product skus. Someone keeps asking me the name of a client's product and I just have to go online to figure it out because it's no longer in my brain's stores.
- Addresses. I cannot remember my work address to save my life.
- Apartment Numbers - I ALSO have been putting my Pittsburgh apartment number on my New York apartment return address. I only noticed this was a major problem when I was at the DMV and the lady read it back to me like apt 711? Am I'm like hell naw, how did you know that?


What's worse: I heard this doesn't go away. Like, as a mom, there are SO many things to think about you just legitimately forget other things.

Now my grandmother calling all five of her daughters names, then my older cousin, when she's really trying to call my name me makes SO much more sense.

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