Friday, March 4, 2016

Dreams are Weird

I'm a Christian.

I believe in heaven and hell. 

As I believe in heaven and hell, I don't believe in second lives. I think you get one life, then you get an afterlife.

Here's where is gets muddy. Dreams. 

In my dreams I see some of the same places over and over, but they are not the REAL places I have been to. So yesterday, I told you about a dream where I see

- The Forest Park Blue Line (but not the real one, my dream one)
- My New York apartment (but not the real one, my dream one)

Then there are a few other things I see all the time in my dreams

- An expressway that's like 57 in Chicago, but goes right into the dessert (but it's not the real 57 or a real dessert I've ever seen)
- A round-about in Pittsburgh (the same one EVERY time, but it's not the real Pittsburgh at all)

So what I'm trying to figure out is "is there someone who has dreams and sees real places in my life in their dreams." Like maybe I'm another person in another dimension and that's why I keep seeing THE SAME EXACT PLACES in my dreams. Like am I getting a view into someone else's life? It's definitely super weird.

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