Thursday, March 31, 2016

Dream Sessions: A Meeting of the Diaspora

I had a dream that I was at a meeting of black folks about bettering our community. It was in Chicago at the apartments right next to Yolk on Roosevelt and Michigan. It was late spring or early summer because it was warm outside, but not blazing hot.

What was crazy to me was all the different countries in Africa that people represented and how all of the different shades of brown were so beautiful. I kept thinking, I've seriously never seen that skin color before and it's amazing.

They let everyone go around in a circle and say why there were there, but the first two people got really long winded. So I interrupted everyone and said something like

"I'ma let you finish, but we need to be about it and stop talking about it. Chicago was founded by a black man and black excellence is all around us and now is the time to step up and be great. So let's bust out a to-do list and get this action happening."

I was super proud of my speech, but then I was worried that I had taken away people's opportunities to tell their stories. And somehow made myself the defacto leader by speaking up.

It was a very black dream and it was lovely.

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