Monday, February 1, 2016

Top 10 Shows I've Recently Watched

Since I'm pregnant and leaving the house exhausts me, I've been watching a lot of TV and movies later. Here are some of the shows, I've gotten into: In random order.
  1. Blackish
  2. Mindy Project
  3. Casual
  4. Making a Murderer
  5. Narcos
  6. RHOA - Season 6
  7. Black Ink Chicago
  8. Luther
  9. Superstore (Ohmigod, this show is HILARIOUS! I haven't laughed like this at network TV in a long time) 
  10. Downton Abbey (clearly I was into this before, but I need to publish this post and I'm tired of looking for new shows, so this is it?) 

Here are some, I can't quite make myself like.

Master of None - I watched this an eh.
Love & Hip Hop New York - I think it's because I live in New York now and don't want to see the relationship drama of my neighbors. Atlanta relationship drama on #RHOA is so far removed. LOL! 

What Netflix shows or movies have you gotten into lately? Any new for list? 

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