Thursday, February 4, 2016

That One Glove Life

Right now (at the time of writing this) I only have one glove. I lost a glove. It's finally cold in New York and I have one glove.

I know you're asking: Why don't you just buy new gloves.

1. I don't want cheap Walgreens gloves. They don't really do anything.
2. Anywhere else I would buy gloves from is too far from home or work for me to walk and I just want to go to work and go home. My hips hurt. I'm pregnant and miserable.
3. As much online shopping as I do, I ALWAYS forget about gloves. I finally broke down and bought a satin-lined croqueted hat that I LOVE, but can't remember to get gloves.
4. I feel like buying gloves online would be a sendoff. They're going to be too big or too small and I don't feel like searching for gloves online.

So here I am in the middle of winter. I put on one glove to hold the railing to go up and down the stairs. I must look like an eighties baby gone wrong (you remember folks used to wear one earring, LOL!)

UPDATE: Since drafting this post, I broke down and bought some Walgreens gloves. They're not THAT bad, but the top of my wrists are still pretty cold. Damn shame. 

I have so many weird problems thanks to being pregnant.

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