Tuesday, February 9, 2016

I Broke Down

Probably before I even wrote the post about NOT paying the five, I got a free trial of Amazon Prime. You all know I'm not letting any drafts go to waste. LOL!

See, what had happened was: my baby shower dress was floral print with about a million colors in it. And I needed tights. And I forgot to get them in a reasonable amount of time and I didn't want to pay the 5 for express shipping.

More on these tights: I needed cranberry colored tights. My mom and I worked out this color combination and I HAD a pair of cranberry colored tights, but when I tell you they wouldn't come halfway up my leg...

Anywho, I had them chilling around my knees with the dress on to make sure the color was right and it was. Then I go look at all the maternity stores, no cranberry tights. Then I look at the big girl stores like Lane Bryant, Torrid and Ashley Stewart - no cranberry tights. It was at this moment that I realized the plight of my big sisters. All the clothes featured were black, brown and grey. Like what kind of drab life do you want these women to live? Now, when I meet a heavier, fly sister in colorful clothes, I can truly understand how much work she put into a dope wardrobe. Slim women don't have these problems.

So I go to Amazon. They have everything and a million of them. I buy tights in 3X because that's what size they said my weight and height needed. Mind you, there are no maternity tights in cranberry.

I get the tights and they are as tall as me and about as slim as my skinny girl tights. I finally put them on and we were good to go on my legs. Once we got up to my belly is was a total mess. Just tight as hell. I couldn't believe someone who's 180 lbs would wear tights that are SO tight. But then I just discovered Shapewear a couple of years ago. Some women have been wearing girdles and the like since high school, so one pair of tight tights ain't nothing, but a thing.

Then because they are 3X, they started getting loose at the bottom like beauty supply store pantyhose. Don't act like you don't know what I'm talking about. I couldn't wait to get home and take those things off.

All of that to say. I ordered them on Wednesday before I left New York and I got them on Friday at my mom's house with no delivery charge, all thanks to Amazon Prime.

If I remember, I'll show you a pic of the final outfit.

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