Monday, February 15, 2016

Dream Sessions: College Graduation

There must have been a lot on my mind last night because this dream packed a lot in there.

I was practicing for college graduation. Apparently in my dream everyone has a performance, if you will for graduation. My mother was directing. In the middle of graduation, I ended up in the student section of the Bears game (we all know there's no student section at Bears games). When the game was over I was whisked out of some special entrance (because I'm special) and my mother was annoyed with me because I was supposed to be practicing for graduation.

So then in the dream, I was daydreaming about the the day. I had on a blue robe. Someone gave me yellow roses (in real life I got pink roses at my graduation and they were spectacular). And then my mom breaks me out of my daydream and says "you have to practice accepting this." I open it and it's season tickets to a Bears game. And then she said that's not your only gift.

And all of these people starting showing up, representing gifts.

Here's where I think this dream came from:

1. I talked to my mom for almost two hours on the phone last night, so she was on my mind
2. I'm sad that football season was over.
3. I had season tickets to Illini football when I was in college and I love the Bears, so my brain just merged these ideas.
4. I check my baby registry incessantly to see what else someone may have purchased and what else I need to buy. So the idea of a bunch of people buying me gifts just transferred from baby to graduation.
5. My college graduation day was one of the happiest days of my life. a) because I was done with college and b) because my mom rented a party room at a hotel and like 20 of my family members went around the room and said they why they were proud of me. It was truly touching. As I prepare to give birth to my daughters my brain can't even imagine the happiness that will bring, so it just took me back to a very happy day in my life. Thanks brain!

I woke up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom and was so happy. But I didn't immediately remember my dream. Then I was looking around the house for the girls. I was thinking if I'm this happy they must be here by now. Nah. Then I finally remember the dream which gave me all these good graduation feelings AND season tickets to the Bears. I was high off endorphins in the middle of the night.

I can't wait to not be pregnant and come back and read some of these dreams. Nonstop entertainment. 

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