Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Dream Session: NFL Draft

This is one of the best ones yet!

I had a dream that I was the first woman drafted into the NFL. And I was on my media circuit HARD. Doing all the magazines, all the talk shows and in pre-season. And because I'm a woman, they weren't asking me real question about the game, they were asking me stupid stuff like how I manage football and family life. And what I plan to wear to practice. And what I think of my teammates. And more about my wardrobe for games (will I wear dresses, pants, etc.)?

Then I had an interview with one true journalist and he was like "I'm really sorry to ask you this, but have you ever PLAYED football." And I was like "what? I have to play."

Fast forward to me being on the field with a bunch of ACTUAL NFL players (and I kid you not my position was linebacker) and I was thinking, if I can just get through this play alive, my check is guaranteed and life will be so much easier for the twins if I don't have to worry about money.

Then when I saw them rushing towards me and I didn't know any of the plays, I shook myself out of my sleep. Then I chuckled. A woman playing in the NFL. That'll be the day.

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