Monday, February 8, 2016

Blessed: Working From Home

I happen to work at a place where working from home is never any issue. Lots of my coworkers live in other places (outside of NYC) and just have a very mobile working environment.

I used to HATE working from home. I felt like home is home and work is work. Work is stressful and home is my zen space. And I actually LIKE my coworkers. I like seeing them and talking to them and collaborating with them (after my coffee, that is). Ah, I used to be able to drink coffee.

I digress.

Now that I'm pregnant, some days I have no choice, but to work from home and I rather enjoy it for reasons I had never considered before.

Also, I'd like to say how blessed I am that me working from home or taking a few hours here or there to go to the doctor's office is not an issue with my company. I've heard so many women who have to take pre-birth doctor's visits out of the 12 weeks they get for maternity leave. AND my company gives me 16 weeks maternity leave. It's not all paid, but more time with my sweethearts is better than less, so I'll take it.

There is some SERIOUS work to do in how we treat pregnant women, who are technically a disabled class of workers.

On to the topic at hand. Here are the benefits of working from home:

Practical Benefits
- I can get my laundry picked up and delivered while I work.
- I can sign for my packages to prevent neighbor theft

- People can't stop by your desk to ask you little random questions. No matter how much you say: call my cell with questions, when you're WFH, people always find someone else to answer the question
- Writing assignments are easier to do when you're working from home

Pregnancy Benefits 
 - I can get an extra hour of sleep in the morning and an extra hour of rest in the evening/afternoon AND I don't have to deal with 4 million jerks on the MTA.
- The bathroom is close. 
- I can go to the bathroom while I'm on conference calls.
- I don't have to wear a bra... or real clothes... this includes bending over to put on shoes and socks, which I can't really do anymore, so it's SO nice.
- I can take a nap during any free hour of the day 

Do you get a chance to work from home?

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