Monday, February 29, 2016

Pregnancy Filter

I find pregnancy to be a horrible, torturous experience. In fact, when I first got pregnant, I tried to think of ways that it could have been orchestrated better.

1. I originally thought when a couple gets pregnant, both parties should get pregnant. This could help men understand what women are going through and make society more equitable. I think it would cut down on unprotected sex, abortions, rape, absentee fathers... a whole host of the world's ills would be over if both parties got pregnant together.

I quickly let that theory of "better" go when I realized how necessary it is for my boyfriend to be able to do everything I can't right now. If we were both pregnant we would have to hire help to do simple things like... walk downstairs to get to the mail.

2. I thought about becoming a world leader and banning pregnancy. I don't think anyone should have to endure this torture. I figured it would be better for economies to shrivel up and die and the world to be over than to subject women to the physical pain of pregnancy. I'm still not convinced that this is a bad idea. That's how bad my pregnancy is.

So keeping in mind the horrors of pregnancy, I run horrible events in history or tough situations through what I call a pregnancy filter. And I am so sad for the women who have had to endure injustices on top of pregnancy. Here's a few I think about all the time.

  • Slave ships - I've seen pictures of slaves shackled, packed into ships like sardines. And I imagine urine and feces rolling all over the ship and horrible physical trauma to able-bodied Africans. I never once saw a drawing of a pregnant woman on those pictures of the middle passage. I wonder if she was sick in her first trimester and puking all over the ship. Or if she was crippled in her third trimester by lying on her back. Lying on your back in your third trimester causes you to faint. 
  • Japanese Internment Camps - I wonder how many Japanese women were pregnant. Stripped from their homes where they had the right food to eat, prenatal vitamins and comfortable beds and couches to be imprisoned due to hate and fear. I wonder how their children turned out or if they lost their babies in the stress and the trauma.
  • Jail - I'm not sure, but I imagine there are no U-shaped pillows in jail. I imagine an inmate having twins like me couldn't get a shower chair to sit down 
  • Physically taxing jobs - I see pregnant cashiers all the time. I don't understand how they stand for eight hours carrying a baby, or like me, carrying two. I can't stand at the copier at work. I wonder how many women have lost their jobs due to being pregnant and not being able to carry out the duties. Or how many have suffered health issues or miscarriages because they tried too hard not to skip a beat.
  • Times of war - Anywhere. I am disturbed daily by stories of "Comfort Women" or "Sex Slaves" or "Rape as a tool of war." I feel violated even reading these stories. I couldn't imagine being pregnant and being subject to that torture. For the first 5, sometimes six months of your pregnancy other people don't even know you're pregnant. Do you think soldiers said, bring her she's not pregnant. But leave her alone, she's with child. I doubt it. What a horrible experience to endure. 
  • The displacement of Native Americans - I don't know enough about Native American history, but I know at some point Europeans made them walk east through climates they were unfamiliar with, wiping a good majority of them off of the map. I know walking through the cold without proper gear is torturous ALREADY. There had to have been pregnant women who took that walk and it disgusts me. 
The list in my head goes on an on. Some places in America don't even offer paid maternity leave for women. Because the people making the decisions have either never been pregnant or never experienced the way pregnancy changes a woman. (I CANNOT work eight uninterrupted hours a day anymore. My body cannot do that right now.)  So if it's 2016 and pregnancy, the oldest disability known to man, isn't even acknowledged in humane work places, there's no way pregnant women were acknowledged during these horrible times in history.

I feel like pregnant women are invisible. Like we're not supposed to talk about or acknowledge that they exist in the workplace, in history books, in historical photos, during times of duress. It's like we're supposed to disappear for nine months and come back with happy, smiling babies.

It's just something I think about a lot, now that I'm pregnant.

Friday, February 26, 2016

Looking Forward To:

After this pregnancy, I have so much to look forward to. Some emotional, some practical. Here's what on the top of my list.

  • Seeing my babies' faces. I have so many thoughts about what they may look like. I stare at my bf, thinking what if they look like him with a wig on. I hope they get the best of both of our features. Or like some kids they may look like another family member and not us at all. I can't wait to see.
  • Watching my kids' personalities flourish. You are born with your personality and since there are two of them, I hope to be able to decipher what is just normal for their age group (like saying no to every damn things when they turn two) and what is unique to each girl. 
  • Rediscovering my closet. I have entire bags of clothes and underwear that I cannot wear right now. 9 months is a long time for a wardrobe piece to be out of commission. I forgot what I have back there. It's going to feel like Christmas day when I "open" my closet back up. 
  • Feeling good 3 weeks out of every month (Period pain makes one week out of every month miserable). In pregnancy I traded feeling shitty once a month to feeling shitty for 9 straight months. I imagine that one day I will wake up, my babies will be here and healthy, and nothing will be wrong with my body. I won't be nauseous, my belly won't itch, my legs won't cramp, I won't have any problems in the bathroom, my eczema won't flare up, my gums won't bleed. I mean, after these babies are out of here, I might be a normal person. 
  • EATING WHAT I WANT - Chile, I want tuna, salmon, deli meat, pop, soft cheeses, cow's milk (if I can take it), ice cream, orange juice, curried chicken, brown stewed chicken... all of the things that I'm either not supposed to eat while pregnant or that have given me the bubble guts while pregnant. I want them all back! 
  • Having my lung capacity back. I used to rather enjoy being a commuter and hitting the mean streets of NYC. Shopping and buying dinner on the way home from work. Now I can barely walk from the bedroom to the bathroom. Aisjuswanabreathe. 

What are you most looking forward to this spring?

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Everything Hurts

I just unsnapped my bra at work because everything hurts. I don't even think my breasts are bigger, they are just displaced by my boulder belly.

I'm 30 weeks today, here's a list of things that hurt.

1. My head, because I have on a tight headband. Because it's easier to pull these naps back than to spend 45 minutes to an hour twisting it. I've twisted my hair 3 times since I gotten a botch cut/been pregnant. First I had to wait for it to grow. Then I twisted it once for practice and two more times for both of my baby showers. I have no pictures from my pregnancy with my head in them outside of the baby showers.

2. To stand - I bought a granny chair for the shower. I sit on the toilet when I brush my teeth. I don't cook or clean. I was standing at the copy machine printing out my birth plan at work. (Side note: why does the printer decide to back up when you are printing personal stuff? Err'body and their mama was gathered around waiting on stuff, I'm like "can I get my insurance papers off of here. pls.and.thx.) Anywho, I was at the printer and it took longer than 30 seconds, so

3. To walk. My groin muscle hurts. Like if I open my legs too wide, I'm going to pull it. Or if I open them too fast, it's a sharp shooting pain right under my clitoris. I don't care if this is TMI. You CHOSE to read this blog.

4. To sit. I have to have a pillow under me when I sit at all times. Even on couches. This doesn't work in the back of an Uber or on the MTA. On my way into work most days tears just stream down my face from the pain. ALSO my girls are kicking the living shit out of me. The fetal position is a thing of the past. They stretch out and they grab organs. I swear one of them has her hand on my cervix right now like "what's this mommy?" Dear Lord, the pain.

5. To climb stairs. I unfortunately have to walk up two flights of steps to get to work and two flights of steps (different steps) to get home from work. Every OTHER MTA station has a working elevator. Not all of them. IT BLOWS!

6. To lie down. I have to have pillows for this activity as well. If I lie down without being surrounding by pillows I'm just lying in pain until I can secure a pillow.

7. To turn over in bed. I have to sleep on my left side. Sometimes I want to sleep on my right side because I get leg cramps from so much weight being on my left

8. To breathe. My diaphragm is basically in my throat and it doesn't move. So simple things like walking from my bedroom to the kitchen in 600 sq ft apartment have my heart beating out of my chest and then I get hot and start to feel faint and sit down and... see #4.  

One result of this is people saying things like: "you don't look happy today." Accurate. Or "You look uncomfortable." That's being kind folks.

I look how I feel. A mess. I don't have the energy to put on earrings or mascara or pluck my eyebrows or twist my hair or shave the bottom part of my legs that's coming out of my leggings and so I'm glad people can see that. So they don't have some idea that carrying twins is fun or easy.

My bills are paid and my children are healthy and that's the best I can hope for during this torturous third trimester. Pray my strength.

Friday, February 19, 2016

What's Worse?

Let's play a game of what's worse: Sitting at a Spirit Airlines gate 4 months pregnant with twins OR sitting at the DMV in East Harlem 6 months pregnant with twins... 

Mama needs a nap. 

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

It was a scary night

About five weeks ago now, I had a lot of pain in my stomach. I'm having twins and I have fibroids, so pain in my stomach is not foreign. At that point in the pregnancy, I could usually shift or do deep breathing to make it go away. Not this night. So I started to write down the symptoms and the times they were coming.

Sharp shooting pain, every 3 to 4 minutes or so and a hard belly. According to everything I'd ever read these were contractions. But I'm a first time mom and I didn't want to over react and I didn't want to go to the hospital, if I didn't have to.

My bedtime at that time was 8:30 and it was about 10 p.m., so I tried to see if I could sleep it off. I woke up about at about 2 a.m. and it felt like my stomach was on fire. I started preparing to go to the hospital. I called the on-call doctor and she agreed that I should go in.

My boyfriend wasn't over that night and I didn't want to bother him in the middle of the night (I know now that this sounds crazy now, but that was my thinking), so I took an Uber to the hospital. I get to the triage at about 4 a.m., they plug me up to the monitor. Both of my babies had heartbeats and were moving. THANK GOD! Until they put me on the monitor I was just preparing for the worst. This was a huge relief.

Then they told me, I'd be on the monitor for a few more hours. I called my mom and probably freaked her out, but someone needed to know where I was. The triage was cold and sterile, so didn't call my boyfriend. I didn't want to him to sit there staring at me while I was in too much pain to sleep sleep and make a big deal if it was nothing. I just tried to keep my mind off of the pain doing other things. I read a magazine, ate the food I'd packed, browsed social media...

Some residents came in at 5-something, then the attending doctor came in at 6:30 a.m. I was like cool, I'm going home to get some rest. Nah. They confirmed that I WAS having contractions. Actual contractions, not Braxton Hicks. My cervix has shrunk (a sign a preterm labor) and I was dilated about a centimeter. Before they could release me, I either had to stop having contractions on my own or they would give me meds to stop them, but I couldn't just peace out. They'd be back in a couple of hours. *Sigh*

So I wiggled around in this uncomfortable triage bed for two hours, someone (not the resident, not the attending, a physician's assistant, I think) came and checked me again. No real changes, I'd have to stay longer. I wasn't scared, but I was tired. It was at this point, that I decided the next time I go to the hospital in the middle of the night, I need to pack a real bag and more food.

Also, 3 professionals and two nurses have had tools and their hands up my vagina and no one had even bought me dinner. I was pretty preturbed.

11:30 a.m. attending doc comes back, she says my cervix was longer, but I was still dilated AND she needed to check herself because I'm having twins and she didn't want to make any assumptions about what the other people checked (Fam, if you don't trust your staff, why should I?). Next time, I may just say listen, no residents, no PAs, no nurses, send the real doctor in here because this is vaginal trauma at this point.

She feels around. I figured the reports her staff had given her were fine. I was on my way home. I figured wrong. The contractions hadn't slowed down enough, they admitting me into the hospital. She said prepare to be here all night, maybe overnight. This is not at all what I was expecting.

This is when I finally called my boyfriend and told him to come in. I also had to email my job and tell them I might not be coming in on Monday and to hope for the best. Everyone knows that I'm a high risk pregnancy, but it still sucks to send these communications.

I also have to strike a balance between "stay calm" and actually "this is a big fucking deal." It's an art, really.

I was transported from the triage room to a real room with a real bed. I walked through the hospital with an IV in my arm, some hospital footies and my ass out for all too see, just like on TV. From all the poking and prodding I was bleeding like I was on my period. This was particularly upsetting as one of the only positive physical benefits of being pregnant is not bleeding. I just think they're too rough at the doctor's office.

Anywho, by the afternoon my boyfriend was there, they delivered me hospital food which was despicably gross, a friend had come with real food and I had talked to my mom for about an hour or so about what was going on. She had a cauldron of prayer warriors praying for me and I felt very supported.

More medical pros came in (not the five mfs from the triage, different mfs) and said I could go at 5 p.m. if my cervix stayed the same and had not shrunk again. A PA comes at 5 p.m. and says, the doctor will be back at 7 p.m. WHY LAWD WHY?!?!?! But then I reminded them that they said I could go at 5, so they called the doctor with the results and she agreed that I could leave. It takes about an hour to get all the paperwork done and get dressed.

We take an Uber home and I confirm that I'm not working Monday as I haven't slept in 24 hours and am slightly traumatized from the whole experience.

The diagnosis: I was dehydrated. And dehydration causes early contractions, which could lead to pre-term labor.

I downloaded the drink water app and committed to drinking 16, 8oz glasses of water (a gallon) a day. When I started tracking my water intake, I realized I hadn't really drank as much water as I thought. Although, I always had a water glass with me, I hadn't been guzzling like I should have been. I was sipping really. And while going to the bathroom every hour and sometimes 2-3 times and hour sucks, being in the hospital about to deliver babies who are not ready to be delivered (and the excruciating pain) sucks MUCH WORSE!

Here's why I'm proud of myself:

1. I listened to my body and took heed of what I read. While pain is not always dangerous, pain and a hardened belly is dangerous. Having never had a contraction, I didn't know what it felt like, but I paid attention to the signs and got to the doctor's office.

2. I remained calm. After I got out of the hospital and either told people what happened or had to check in with coworkers, a lot of people said "well thank God it wasn't that serious." Well, it WAS that serious. Thank God that I caught it in time and that it didn't get worse. I think it's important to call things as they are. Having contractions so early on in the pregnancy is very serious and scary and dangerous, but I kept my cool and managed my own panic.

3. I called for help. I don' have family in New York, so I called all of my friends or all of the connects that people put me in touch with to ask for things like food and company and prayers. The first three people (outside of my boyfriend) that I reached out to were not available. I did not get discouraged, I just kept dialing numbers until someone became available.

4. I called who I wanted to call for support. I had a bunch of people say "oh, you should have called me." Well, sometimes managing other people's fear and concerns takes a toll on me. And if you tell 10 people you're in pain, you have to follow up with 10 people to tell them you're ok. I have a big supportive network, but the more people you involve in a crisis, the more stress it inevitably causes. I called who it was absolutely necessary to call and I got what I needed from those calls.

5. I didn't push myself. We took an Uber home instead of taking the train, even though taking the train crossed my mind. I didn't go to work on Monday or check my email during the day, even though I got out of the hospital Sunday night and probably could have made it if I pushed myself (And I had a lot to do that day). I put my personal wellbeing above saving money, or delivering at work. I made the right decision.

The more I think about all the decision I've made like on that scary night, the more I'm convinced that I have what it takes to be a mom. To put things in perspective. To listen to my instincts and to be realistic, not fairytale-ish. To put the health of my daughters above everything else. More and more, I'm looking forward to being a mom and doing it my own way. 

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Third Trimester Activities

Sometimes when I wake up in the middle of the night and I can't sleep I check my WebMD pregnancy app. Again, WedMD is the only pregnancy app that changes your info to twins instead of giving you info for a mother of one and expecting you to adapt. Not only is vaginal delivery so hard that I'll have to ice my vagina after the twins come out, but this particularly grueling post told me what I have to look forward to in the last 12 weeks of my pregnancy. Of the 22 things on this list, only five have NOT happened to me and I have weeks to go. YAY for more pain and suffering!

Monday, February 15, 2016

Dream Sessions: College Graduation

There must have been a lot on my mind last night because this dream packed a lot in there.

I was practicing for college graduation. Apparently in my dream everyone has a performance, if you will for graduation. My mother was directing. In the middle of graduation, I ended up in the student section of the Bears game (we all know there's no student section at Bears games). When the game was over I was whisked out of some special entrance (because I'm special) and my mother was annoyed with me because I was supposed to be practicing for graduation.

So then in the dream, I was daydreaming about the the day. I had on a blue robe. Someone gave me yellow roses (in real life I got pink roses at my graduation and they were spectacular). And then my mom breaks me out of my daydream and says "you have to practice accepting this." I open it and it's season tickets to a Bears game. And then she said that's not your only gift.

And all of these people starting showing up, representing gifts.

Here's where I think this dream came from:

1. I talked to my mom for almost two hours on the phone last night, so she was on my mind
2. I'm sad that football season was over.
3. I had season tickets to Illini football when I was in college and I love the Bears, so my brain just merged these ideas.
4. I check my baby registry incessantly to see what else someone may have purchased and what else I need to buy. So the idea of a bunch of people buying me gifts just transferred from baby to graduation.
5. My college graduation day was one of the happiest days of my life. a) because I was done with college and b) because my mom rented a party room at a hotel and like 20 of my family members went around the room and said they why they were proud of me. It was truly touching. As I prepare to give birth to my daughters my brain can't even imagine the happiness that will bring, so it just took me back to a very happy day in my life. Thanks brain!

I woke up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom and was so happy. But I didn't immediately remember my dream. Then I was looking around the house for the girls. I was thinking if I'm this happy they must be here by now. Nah. Then I finally remember the dream which gave me all these good graduation feelings AND season tickets to the Bears. I was high off endorphins in the middle of the night.

I can't wait to not be pregnant and come back and read some of these dreams. Nonstop entertainment. 

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Phrases that Annoy Me

1. No Caption Necessary (that's actually a caption)

2. Words cannot express (then you're going to go on to express some words. May as well have said nothing)

3. Must Be Nice (It is. Carry on.)

4. I'm jealous (Do better and don't be)

5. #XYZisbetterthanyours (husband, job, vacation, friends)... I gua-ran-damn-tee you that you're wrong. Like why can't we all have amazing husbands, jobs, vacations and friends?

Like why do yours have to be better than mine? You trippin'.

This post was brought to you by things I'd like to say in people's comments, but would be COMPLETELY inappropriate to do so. This is why I blog. :)

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

I Broke Down

Probably before I even wrote the post about NOT paying the five, I got a free trial of Amazon Prime. You all know I'm not letting any drafts go to waste. LOL!

See, what had happened was: my baby shower dress was floral print with about a million colors in it. And I needed tights. And I forgot to get them in a reasonable amount of time and I didn't want to pay the 5 for express shipping.

More on these tights: I needed cranberry colored tights. My mom and I worked out this color combination and I HAD a pair of cranberry colored tights, but when I tell you they wouldn't come halfway up my leg...

Anywho, I had them chilling around my knees with the dress on to make sure the color was right and it was. Then I go look at all the maternity stores, no cranberry tights. Then I look at the big girl stores like Lane Bryant, Torrid and Ashley Stewart - no cranberry tights. It was at this moment that I realized the plight of my big sisters. All the clothes featured were black, brown and grey. Like what kind of drab life do you want these women to live? Now, when I meet a heavier, fly sister in colorful clothes, I can truly understand how much work she put into a dope wardrobe. Slim women don't have these problems.

So I go to Amazon. They have everything and a million of them. I buy tights in 3X because that's what size they said my weight and height needed. Mind you, there are no maternity tights in cranberry.

I get the tights and they are as tall as me and about as slim as my skinny girl tights. I finally put them on and we were good to go on my legs. Once we got up to my belly is was a total mess. Just tight as hell. I couldn't believe someone who's 180 lbs would wear tights that are SO tight. But then I just discovered Shapewear a couple of years ago. Some women have been wearing girdles and the like since high school, so one pair of tight tights ain't nothing, but a thing.

Then because they are 3X, they started getting loose at the bottom like beauty supply store pantyhose. Don't act like you don't know what I'm talking about. I couldn't wait to get home and take those things off.

All of that to say. I ordered them on Wednesday before I left New York and I got them on Friday at my mom's house with no delivery charge, all thanks to Amazon Prime.

If I remember, I'll show you a pic of the final outfit.

Monday, February 8, 2016

Blessed: Working From Home

I happen to work at a place where working from home is never any issue. Lots of my coworkers live in other places (outside of NYC) and just have a very mobile working environment.

I used to HATE working from home. I felt like home is home and work is work. Work is stressful and home is my zen space. And I actually LIKE my coworkers. I like seeing them and talking to them and collaborating with them (after my coffee, that is). Ah, I used to be able to drink coffee.

I digress.

Now that I'm pregnant, some days I have no choice, but to work from home and I rather enjoy it for reasons I had never considered before.

Also, I'd like to say how blessed I am that me working from home or taking a few hours here or there to go to the doctor's office is not an issue with my company. I've heard so many women who have to take pre-birth doctor's visits out of the 12 weeks they get for maternity leave. AND my company gives me 16 weeks maternity leave. It's not all paid, but more time with my sweethearts is better than less, so I'll take it.

There is some SERIOUS work to do in how we treat pregnant women, who are technically a disabled class of workers.

On to the topic at hand. Here are the benefits of working from home:

Practical Benefits
- I can get my laundry picked up and delivered while I work.
- I can sign for my packages to prevent neighbor theft

- People can't stop by your desk to ask you little random questions. No matter how much you say: call my cell with questions, when you're WFH, people always find someone else to answer the question
- Writing assignments are easier to do when you're working from home

Pregnancy Benefits 
 - I can get an extra hour of sleep in the morning and an extra hour of rest in the evening/afternoon AND I don't have to deal with 4 million jerks on the MTA.
- The bathroom is close. 
- I can go to the bathroom while I'm on conference calls.
- I don't have to wear a bra... or real clothes... this includes bending over to put on shoes and socks, which I can't really do anymore, so it's SO nice.
- I can take a nap during any free hour of the day 

Do you get a chance to work from home?

Friday, February 5, 2016

Big Belly Tragedies/Funnies

So many funny stories while I'm pregnant. My bff will tell you that I've BEEN absentminded and this is not "pregnancy brain." As the only adult I've ever lived with who's not family, she's seen me come back in the house two and three times for different things that I forgot. She doesn't understand it at all.

With two babies on the way, it's grossly exacerbated.Have we discussed how I have to pay for tuition for two people at the same damn time. I have a lot on my noggin right now.

Anywho, here are some pregnancy funnies/tragedies. Some are physical and others are due to my mind being FAR, FAR AWAY.
  • When you're pregnant your center of balance is off. This is especially funny/tragic during a late night bathroom break. I definitely MEANT to put my vagina on the side of the toilet instead of the middle.Yeah, yeah, that's what I meant to do. O_O 
  • On the phone with my building's manages office: *belches loudly, but with my mouth closed, so I say excuse me, but I didn't think he actually heard it* Receptionist says: "You had a good lunch today, huh?" I'm like "I'm pregnant. It happens."
  • One day I tried to get on the train without using my MTA card. It was during rush hour. I cursed at myself. People were looking at me like "just swipe your card again" not knowing I didn't even have my card out to swipe in the FIRST place. 
  • Monday, I stayed at the doctor's office for two hours to get a new prescription (90-day vs. month by month) because I have new insurance. Last night I downloaded a prescription refill form. Today I printed it out at work, filled it out, dropped it in the mailbox... The ACTUAL prescription is still in my purse. #DOH! 
  • One day I was working from home. I was so excited about making a salad topped with boneless skinless chicken breasts. I cut up all the veggies, made a homemade dressing, tossed that salad... and left the chicken in the oven. Ooh wee, I'm absentminded while I'm pregnant.

Thursday, February 4, 2016

That One Glove Life

Right now (at the time of writing this) I only have one glove. I lost a glove. It's finally cold in New York and I have one glove.

I know you're asking: Why don't you just buy new gloves.

1. I don't want cheap Walgreens gloves. They don't really do anything.
2. Anywhere else I would buy gloves from is too far from home or work for me to walk and I just want to go to work and go home. My hips hurt. I'm pregnant and miserable.
3. As much online shopping as I do, I ALWAYS forget about gloves. I finally broke down and bought a satin-lined croqueted hat that I LOVE, but can't remember to get gloves.
4. I feel like buying gloves online would be a sendoff. They're going to be too big or too small and I don't feel like searching for gloves online.

So here I am in the middle of winter. I put on one glove to hold the railing to go up and down the stairs. I must look like an eighties baby gone wrong (you remember folks used to wear one earring, LOL!)

UPDATE: Since drafting this post, I broke down and bought some Walgreens gloves. They're not THAT bad, but the top of my wrists are still pretty cold. Damn shame. 

I have so many weird problems thanks to being pregnant.

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Dream Session: NFL Draft

This is one of the best ones yet!

I had a dream that I was the first woman drafted into the NFL. And I was on my media circuit HARD. Doing all the magazines, all the talk shows and in pre-season. And because I'm a woman, they weren't asking me real question about the game, they were asking me stupid stuff like how I manage football and family life. And what I plan to wear to practice. And what I think of my teammates. And more about my wardrobe for games (will I wear dresses, pants, etc.)?

Then I had an interview with one true journalist and he was like "I'm really sorry to ask you this, but have you ever PLAYED football." And I was like "what? I have to play."

Fast forward to me being on the field with a bunch of ACTUAL NFL players (and I kid you not my position was linebacker) and I was thinking, if I can just get through this play alive, my check is guaranteed and life will be so much easier for the twins if I don't have to worry about money.

Then when I saw them rushing towards me and I didn't know any of the plays, I shook myself out of my sleep. Then I chuckled. A woman playing in the NFL. That'll be the day.

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

It happened.

I got the dark neck. Thank you pregnancy. Thank you very much.

Monday, February 1, 2016

Top 10 Shows I've Recently Watched

Since I'm pregnant and leaving the house exhausts me, I've been watching a lot of TV and movies later. Here are some of the shows, I've gotten into: In random order.
  1. Blackish
  2. Mindy Project
  3. Casual
  4. Making a Murderer
  5. Narcos
  6. RHOA - Season 6
  7. Black Ink Chicago
  8. Luther
  9. Superstore (Ohmigod, this show is HILARIOUS! I haven't laughed like this at network TV in a long time) 
  10. Downton Abbey (clearly I was into this before, but I need to publish this post and I'm tired of looking for new shows, so this is it?) 

Here are some, I can't quite make myself like.

Master of None - I watched this an eh.
Love & Hip Hop New York - I think it's because I live in New York now and don't want to see the relationship drama of my neighbors. Atlanta relationship drama on #RHOA is so far removed. LOL! 

What Netflix shows or movies have you gotten into lately? Any new for list?