Thursday, January 7, 2016

What's NOT Wrong

I'm such a sour pickle during this pregnancy. It's hard to be positive when you just don't feel good. Nonetheless, I've made it a point to try to find the silver lining in a lot of things and I'm happy I have this blog to document them and share them with you all.

That said, Google pregnancy side effects. About 98% of the things you see on there have happened / are happening to me. Like ALL OF THOSE THINGS! BUT, there are some things that haven't happened [yet] and for that I am grateful.

- No heartburn - Praise God!
- No face acne - My face is actually quite clear and this makes me happy. My back looks like a sausage pizza.
- No dark neck - Your body produces more melanin during pregnancy. For some people this shows up as a dark neck. I have some dark spots, but nowhere anyone would see, so I'm good.

- No weight loss - Yep, some women who aren't eating enough/can't eat enough experience weight loss in their pregnancy. Even though what I eat is limited, I have been able to keep eating and gain weight with my pregnancy and that's a good thing.
- No high blood pressure - This is a serious, yet common pregnancy complication and I'm very fortunate to not have to deal with this yet. (probably because I don't answer all these questions people ask me. I kid. I kid.)
- No cankles - My toes are swollen, but my entire foot hasn't swollen and my hands haven't swollen yet, so this is good. Moreso for my comfort, not looks. My looks have gone down the drain folks. I'm a hairy, makeup free beast. The best I can do is shower and find creative ways to bend over to put on socks and shoes. Everything else is frills at this point. Twin mommies don't have energy for frills.
- No Visible Stretchmarks - My mother is crazy about asking me if I've been oiling my belly. Cocoa butter, shea butter, coconut oil... I better tell her I put something on it to stop stretchmarks in their tracks [see what I did there]. I'm not really good about it. I feel like I'm basting a turkey. BUT the books and apps say I could have stretchmarks by now and I do not. I'm going to get better about a routine to try to avoid them. My mom was crazy about cocoa butter with her own pregnancies and she never got them, so there's hope. 

So yes, lots of things are wrong, but I see from the books, the internet and the Web MD pregnancy app (the only app that lets you indicate that you're having twins and get twin-specific results) that there could be more wrong. And so I'm grateful for all the stuff that's NOT happening to me. I would like a gold star for positivity. 

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