Friday, January 29, 2016

Twin Activities

When you're having two girls, there are so many activities to think about.

- African Dance
- Tap
- Martial Arts
- Double Dutch
- Swimming
- Soccer
- Kickboxing 

And when I say "activities to think about," I mean activities going on in my belly RIGHT NOW. LAWD, these babies are ACTIVE!

My WebMD app tells me babies at this stage sleep 80% of the time. These have to be lies.These children move nonstop. Or perhaps they do Kung Fu in their sleep.

They went from Boy-Yoy-Yoing, to feeling like constant chocolate milk bubbling in my stomach to feeling like weighted marbles in Jello that hasn't coagulated. And Baby A conducts her tap dancing on my bladder.

The girls moving is just a normal feeling now. I actually feel weird if they're not moving. I think this is the one thing I will miss about pregnancy, having them move around inside of me.

The good news is that they're already enjoying themselves in small spaces, so they should be perfectly comfortable in my New York apartment.

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