Thursday, January 7, 2016

The Cop Who Stopped Sandra Bland

By now you should know that the cop who pulled over Sandra Bland was indicted for perjury. He's since lost his job.

To date, no one has been indicted on her murder because they said it was a suicide and somehow the courts and the powers that be believe that and there's nothing anyone can do about it.

I'm talking about this here because my blog is a safe space and Facebook is not.

When we see documentaries about organized crime, people will kill hundreds of other people and then go to jail for mail fraud. The thing is, they know how to kill people without getting caught. They were less careful when it came to their mail...

But the people who brought them to "justice" if you will, still did it and found creative ways to do so.

That's how I feel about the cop who pulled over and essentially is responsible for the murder of Sandra Bland. I feel like someone knows right from wrong and saw to it that he lost his job and can't do this to another person. And someone knew that perjury charges would stick while murder would not.

And that does not make me feel any better about the outcome, a young woman is dead. However, with all that we've seen over the last five years as black people, as black women, I'm more surprised when the government actually doles out justice than when they do not. I would LIKE for it to be an indictment for her murder. If this happened to me or someone I knew I would be up in arms, but history just tells me "justice" isn't going to be that cut and dry.

I hope this doesn't sound hopeless or insensitive to the family.

This is not good enough, but it's better than the cops who beat Rodney King and got to go back to work. Or Daniel Pantaleo, who's just walking around New York with blood on his hands after killing Eric Garner. Or the Chicago cop who killed Rekia Boyd who's still on the payroll.

I think the cop who pulled over Sandra Bland being indicted and fired for perjury is our country dipping it's toe in the sea of justice vs. a true miscarriage of justice.

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Ishea said...

Agreed... and well said.