Sunday, January 10, 2016

Small Wins

Since I am physically miserable every day, it's important for me to count small wins, otherwise I might miss them. In the last 24 hours or so, I've had three:

1. I finally got Hulu to work on my home theater system. This has been broken since at least September. I had been calling Time Warner since it said it was a network issue and after about the 5th or 6th time they told me it was probably Hulu, and not Time Warner, since Netflix and EVERYTHING else was working. They fixed it in about 2 hours with about 10 back and forth emails and a server change. Now I can binge watch TV in peace!

2. I finally got to use a credit from Delta airlines that I have been trying to redeem since September to no avail. I was so elated that they actually issued me a refund for a flight I couldn't take. Then they issued the refund to my company's ghost card. Womp. Then when I got that resolved, they issued my refund (part credit card charges, part Delta Skymiles credit), except none of the numbers on the voucher they sent me worked online or over the phone. And, as you guessed it, the customer service phone people don't talk to the refund email people. After resorting to flying Spirit for Christmas, I finally got the patience to call Delta AGAIN. And they saw all the calls and just issued a new credit. #LookAtGod

3. I shaved my legs in the tub. I can't bend over to shave them in the shower anymore. I can't bend over to do anything. a) because it hurts and b) because the rush of blood to my brain makes me dizzy. The fact that I had time to take a bath was a win in itself. Now, if I sit "just so" in the tub, I can shave like 7/8s of my leg semi-comfortably. That beats this hairy beast situation I've been having thinking through a "how can I ever shave my legs again" solution.

This pregnancy is further along than not and things are looking up folks. Do you have any small wins to report?

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