Monday, January 18, 2016

Sleeping Well

I went from not being able to sleep from about 2 a.m. to 5 a.m. to not being able to sleep AT ALL. It started with my stomach feeling VERY heavy. Like one day I just woke up and I could FEEL it feeling heavy vs. just noticing it being bigger. And that day it hurt to roll over in the bed. It hurt to get out of the bed. It hurt to walk. It hurt to sit. It hurt to lie down.

My U-Shaped Leacho pillow wasn't comfortable anymore. Nothing seemed to work. I was dead dog tired, but I couldn't sleep. I pull up my phone and read the symptoms and all of the advice.

  • Exercise - Nope. 
  • Take a warm bath - Did that at about midnight after being in the bed awake for 3 hours... still no sleep 
  • Turn everything off (TV, social media, etc.) about an hour before you go to bed - Too late for that 
  • Drink herbal tea (pregnant women can't have herbs) 
  • A host of other things that I had either already done or that were prohibitive because I was having twins
The internet failed me that night. I got about 2 hours of sleep from 6-8 a.m. I was late for my 10 a.m. meeting and dragging the entire day. It was such a shame.

I'm pleased to announce that the following night I DID get some sleep. The formula was

- Eat as soon as you get home (to allow food to digest before bedtime) 
- Don't check social media AT ALL when you get home (I deleted the apps from my phone)
- Instead of sleeping in between the U-Shaped pillow and another pillow to it and sleep on TOP of it. It was like my butt and stomach were elevated, almost like sleeping in a sofa chair, which I heard you have to do at some point in pregnancy. I don't have a sofa chair, so I had to improvise.

The next morning I woke up and my stomach wasn't heavy and I was so grateful to have had a full night's rest. I still woke up four times in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom, but I was able to get back to sleep. I was still nauseous and fatigued during the day, but I wasn't sleep deprived.

I'm so happy that I'm not going to have to go 3-4 more months not sleeping at all. I never thought I'd be happy to just have "regular" pregnancy ailments, but today I was.

Have you ever battled with insomnia. Any tricks to get to sleep?

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