Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Shipping And Such

Here's what I learned about shipping today:


- The email form does not work
- Someone does pick up swiftly at 1-800-ASK-USPS
- You can make a request that you get a signature OR hold your mail if you are not home

- Their chat feature works.
- However, you need to request to speak to a person WITHIN the chat box, otherwise, they'll just keep sending you FAQs
- The sender of your package has to request a signature in order for there to be a signature required.

- I signed up for a My Choice UPS account
- That only gives me an option to check a box if I DO NOT want signature. Not the other way around.
- They answer the phone pretty quickly 1-800-742-5877
- It costs extra to have a signature required, so you have to ask your shipper to request signature
- The account is helpful because it sends email notifications to let you know when a package is on the way. At least I'll have a head's up. 

- They do not require signature on items that are $1,400 or less
- The first rep I talked to told me her would mark my account as "signature required" and send me a email confirmation. When I didn't get one, I asked the second rep. She said the best thing to do is in Address Line 2 write *signature required upon delivery*

With all of these stops in place, hopefully I'll get ALL of my packages now.

It's really fun being 25 weeks pregnant with twins, barely able to walk to the bathroom, miles away from my family and support system, not having a car, dealing with people who don't give a fuck about me on the streets and the trains. And now to add to my fun-filled life, I get to go to the post office several times a week to transport packages on foot because I have at least one neighbor who is a thief. This is the most fun I've ever had in life.  

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