Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Not Paying The 5: Amazon Prime

I put up a status on Facebook asking people if they liked Amazon Prime and if all of the benefits outweighed the costs. There was a resounding yes, go ahead and pay the $99.

I can't do it. Here's why.

Free 2-day shipping - I'm actually not that impatient. The bonus in this word is free and if you shop online a lot you know most online shipping is free. If I REALLY need something in two days, I can go to CVS for it.

Amazon TV (or whatever it's called) - I already have Hulu and Netflix and while they fail me sometimes (Netflix streaming doesn't have Home Alone, Cinderella, Love Jones... the classics), I'm not ready to commit to another entertainment source.

Cost/Benefit Analysis - I added up all that I spent on shipping in 2015 (and I bought a GANG of stuff from Amazon). It didn't add up to $99.

They're trying to get me - I used to work in retail. And they would say you want people to get the credit card because those people shop here more AND spend more when they come in. It's science folks. If I had Amazon Prime, I'd be on there buying things I DO NOT NEED just because the shipping is fast and free.

The grocery service - The real issue with this is it's only for dry goods. I'd still have to use another service for fresh foods (I think). Even though Peapod is pretty weak in NYC, when I supplement their dry goods with Fresh Direct's produce, I'm golden. I just wait for free shipping days and/or sales from both of them and I'm good to go. Sometimes it's more of a hassle to switch companies than to try something new. And the fact that I have to pay for it to "Try it" really messes me up.

There's one last benefit, that I'm trying to figure out the value of: Amazon Mom. If you're Prime, I think you're automatically included in Amazon mom and that gives discounts on diapers and formula and the same free, 2-day shipping. Not sure if the discounts will actually add up to $99 a year though, so I'm skeptical.

I think I'm just going to wait to see what kind of gifts and gift card action I get from my baby showers and if an Amazon gift card is on there AND I don't need ANYTHING else (LOL!), then maybe I'll buy prime.

Otherwise, I can't pay the 5 right now.

Do you have Amazon Prime or any other membership programs. Is it worth it to you?

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