Wednesday, January 20, 2016


Someone stole a package from in front of my door. What's worse is that I'm working from home today and I left out for 2 hours to go to an appointment... that must've been when it was delivered.

I know it's New York, but I live in a double gated building and I'm never had this issue before. The building must not have the issue because they allow USPS, UPS and FedEx to come onto the floors and leave stuff for people. I know it's not just me.

Amazon has been amazing. They just shipped me a new item, but that's not the point.

I'm pretty much done with New York. Between the people on the MTA not giving a fuck about anyone but themselves. *screams* I'M SIX MONTHS PREGNANT WITH TWINS and folks just thinking that they deserve what you worked for because it's easy to take. How about if you didn't buy it, don't touch it.

I can't wait to move to the Chicago suburbs. I might move to Palatine or some shit, I'm so mad. Clearly that move still isn't happening for some time, but New York is not home. I can't raise kids like this.

Trying to think if I should get a P.O. Box for the rest of my deliveries.

UPDATE: Apparently this was delivered to my door eight days ago, so the raggedy thief has had my box with my name on it in their apartment for a week and the maintenance man just brought it to me today. Now I'm about to be looking at all of my neighbors like Satan trying to figure out who took my stuff.

I feel very safe as a single pregnant woman right now. 


Ishea said...

Wait... so how'd he find the box? Or did he bring you the new box?

T said...

@ishea girl, the shiftless mf left the empty box with the gift tag still in it, in the hallway's stairwell. That's where maintenance found it, brought it to my door, then asked me if I had the contents? He probably thought I was the lazy one who didn't want to take it to the basement to be recycled. I was like "why is it open?" We were both confused.

Kanae J said...

Oh hell naw! Well let me know where you are registered and where you want it shipped.