Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Every Day Is Like Christmas!

Since sometime in December, every day has felt like Christmas at my apartment. Here's why:

1. People have sent me Christmas or Happy New Year Cards, which are my FAVORITE things. I leave them up in my house all year long. Especially after moving away from Chicago. It reminds me of all the people who love me even if I can't be near them all the time.

2. I don't have the energy to shop anymore, so I shop online and there's always a random box here with stuff that I forgot I ordered. A bunch of times it comes in different boxes, which is disappointing when I actually open it, but fun to get random boxes on my door already.

3. My baby registry is live and we've asked everyone to ship all of my gifts to NYC. I can barely carry my purse without being uncomfortable, let alone the idea of trying to transport baby gear across the country. The first gift I got was from someone who had Amazon prime and it caught me off guard. I send the registry, two days later there are unexpected diapers at my door. Complete water works.

So now in addition to Hulu, Netflix and deep couch sitting, I'm exciting every day to go home to little tokens of love in my mailbox or at my front door. (This was clearly written before neighbor-theft-gate, but it was in the drafts, so I'm not erasing it.)

What are you excited about at the end of each day?

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