Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Dreams Sessions: Eyebrows and Shoes

Those Eyebrows 
I had a dream that I was with my grandma, staring at her. And she had the prettiest, fullest gray eyebrows. And I was made that I had plucked and waxed and razored my eyebrows so much that they'd lost their fullness. I thought about how manicured I was as a woman and how my grandma has never had a manicure, or pedicure or eyebrow wax, but is still beautiful.

Cheap Shoes
I had a dream I was dating and living with one of my homeboys, but we went to different churches. And Sunday we got in from our respective churches and were getting undressed and he started going off on me. And I was like I don't know what's going on with you, but I'm going to my mom's house, so you can cool off.

Shoot to my mom's house and it's the same house it always is, except it's on a golf course. So I see my mom, hug her and am shooting the breeze, when he walks up about three hours later with purple flowers that looked amazing and new shoes. They were lavender, strappy sandals, the same color as the flowers and somehow matched perfectly with my after-church outfit.

He then started talking like Martin and was like "you know the football games I always tape, so I can watch Sunday after church?" I'm like yeah. He's like well, I didn't tape one and you know how I feel about football and I took it out on you and I'm sorry. I'm like ok, go in the house and get something to eat.

My mom comes out and says "let me see your new shoes girl" and we think they're designer because my homeboy likes nice shoes. And she looks at the bottom of them and they were $6.99 from Walmart. Then we found out the flowers were cheap too. And I was trying to figure out if apology gifts have to be expensive for them to be meaningful and I was just hoping my mom didn't tell the family I was wearing Walmart shoes.

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