Monday, January 25, 2016

Dream Sessions: New Business

Sorry if these dream posts are boring. This is more of a pregnancy archive for me than an entertainment piece for the masses. I'm trying to intermingle them with other posts to break up the monotony.

On to the dream at hand.

I was dressed for work and VERY pregnant. I came up to what looked like a large theater hall, but it was a church. I realized it was the church I grew up in. In real life, I haven't been to that church since I've been pregnant because I'd rather not deal with the "are you getting married soon" questions. In my dream, I was happy to be there, but leary of some people.

I got there during Sunday School or the start of service and it was like a big deal that I was walking the hallway after something had already started. Though I knew I was at my old church, it looked nothing like it. It was very ornate, red curtains everywhere and lots of gold candles adorned the foyer. It actually looked like an opera house.

So I see the Pastor, he hugs me, then looks at me with disdain (because I'm an unwed mother) and tries to usher me in front of others and I run out of there. But not out of the church, just into a room in the church that was meant for classes vs. the sanctuary.

Get into that room and it's a new business pitch for work. I have a team of eight people and I'm leading the pitch AND doing all the talking. All of the materials are there and the client is a round white guy who looks like a polished version of Steven Avery (too much Netflix before bed, I see). He's sitting on a bar stool and the room is tiny, so my team is sitting up against the wall.

So then two or three of the women on my team start having a full on conversation, while I'm in the middle of the pitch. I stop, scold then, then get back to the pitch. Then I zone out. I think I fell asleep in the pitch. I wake up and I'm on the last slide of the deck and his binder (he has a three-ring binder handout).

I say, well, despite the unprofessionalism here, I assure you that we can prove to you that we're right for the job. And he's like: you didn't even get through the first module. (Which confirms to me that I didn't just zone out, I actually fell asleep in the pitch).

And he's like get out, you just wasted an hour of my time and I never want to hear from your company again.

I just left the room thinking about how I could salvage the relationship and my job because my manager was going to fire me.

I shook myself out of my sleep from that dream. I hate dreams like that where I'm thinking about work and work things and having work-like anxiety at a time when I'm supposed to be sleeping.

Do you ever dream about work? It is nightmarish for you too?

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