Thursday, January 21, 2016

Dream Sessions: Montana on My Mind

I follow visit Montana on Twitter and this place called K Bar L ranch, which is like a getaway for the uber rich. I have the goal of going to all 50 states, so it makes sense that I follow the places that I want to visit in the future, what doesn't make sense is why I have a dream about this one state SO MUCH. Oh, what I would do to talk to Joseph from the Bible, so he could tell me what my dreams mean.

On to the crazy dream at hand.

I had a dream I was at work and handling the hell out of something. Hopped on a plane, ended up at a dope bed and breakfast in Montana where my other colleagues and clients were supposed to meet me. I get there and everyone is sleep. I'm in PR girl business gear and feeling good and I keep opening doors and folks are knocked out sleep or in their pajamas and just overall mad at me for being there.

A manager, an older white woman, comes out and is like "What are you doing here." And I'm like, it's on the schedule. I just flew in from NYC, it's time to work.

Then my homegirl, who works in another PR job and represents lots of NBA players, rolled in with a gang of them and she didn't even speak to me. She like head nodded me and I think that was my cue that she needed to appear professional (Because pros apparently don't have friends or give hugs or even handshakes).

And even though I was mad I was still happy for her because her career is taking off and she looked like she was on top of her game with the NBA players. *pun intended*

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Kanae J said...

Thats interesting. Montana though?

I think the one random state I would like to visit is Oklahoma.