Thursday, January 14, 2016

Dream Sessions: Jennifer Anniston is Preggers

Today I don't remember all of my dreams, just part of them. Actually before I sat down to write this, I remembered three of them and now I just remember one. I mean, it is completely gone from my mind. I meant to write this as soon as I got to work today, but Nooooo. I had to be productive and now I'm home sitting on my couch and can't remember anything.

Also, at this rate, I may as well turn this into a dreams blog. Like if I remember a full night of dreams once a week, this blog will write itself.

I need to find a dream interpreter. And I don't want them to tell me anything except that my dreams mean I'm really brilliant and will come into great wealth soon. LOL!

On to the dream at hand:

I was watching TV and Jennifer Anniston was on something. It was either a movie or in a reality show, but she was pregnant. And she was trying on different dresses. She was with a friend. She picked one up and was like this is awesome, let's buy it. But her friend reminded her that she has to try it on. So she squeezes into this little black dress and her entire breasts are showing and they are huge.

And I hear a laugh track in the back, so maybe it was a sitcom. And then I'm like can they show this on TV. Then she adjust herself and the dress looks great. And she makes a face at her friend like "see, told you it would look great." Then she bought it and that's all that I remember.

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