Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Dream Session: International Flights

I'm pretty sure Dream #1 from yesterday's blog post went right into Dream #2.

After walking out of the cafeteria, I was in an airport. I've seen this airport in my dreams before, too. It was a cross between an international plane and a spaceship. And somehow in my other dreams I always have access to the hangar where this plane is, but this time I had to go through the front door like everyone.

This time I was also there with my boyfriend. He FELT like my actual boyfriend, but he looked like a former coworker, who while attractive, I would never date. YUCK!

But he was working late in the airport (also just like my former coworker) and I said something like, let's go we're going to miss the plane. And he's like it's fine, we won't miss it.

Then we missed it, but they gave me an upgrade, so I went to the cafeteria, which turned into an open version of the Union at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. And the sun when down and I went to the front of the Union, which then turned into an outdoor nightclub-like atmosphere in the shape of the Union, but had all these flashy cars outside.

Then it was morning again and I was on my way to get my flight, but I stopped at CIBO, one of the vendors in the airport. And I was FURIOUS. Because everything there costs an arm and a leg, but no one rings you up. There's just one guy telling people how to ring themselves up.

He was an Asian guy with dark spiky hair, a maroon shirt, khaki pants and black shoes square toe shoes on. I hated him because it was such a small space and he saw me approaching the register, but then he did the are you going right? Or are you going left? dance about 10 times, thinking it was funny.

So then I got to the gate at about 3 minutes past when the door had closed. But I was at the wrong gate. And this is the woman who gave me the upgrade yesterday and she says "honey, the gate is closed" and I was like it's ok, they always make an exception for me.

And I was running to the other gate, but I was so pregnant and my body started to ache. And I was about to cry because I didn't want to miss yet another flight and I didn't understand why they didn't have a shuttle or some kind of wheelchair or something for the disabled or pregnant women. It seemed like I couldn't win.

I'm pretty sure I woke myself up from that dream, so stressful. Why can't I have pregnant dreams about hot, steamy sex with Idris Elba. These dreams give me more anxiety in my sleep than I have when I'm awake. Womp.  
CIBO, dude in red shirt, going back and forth with me.

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