Monday, January 4, 2016


On December 22nd, 2015 just before 8 a.m. CT, I was sitting at my mother's kitchen table, eating some Honey Nut Cheerios with Soymilk and powering up my laptop to work from home. At that very moment, I felt Baby B move. When you have twins one is Baby A and one is Baby B. Most people think twins sit side-by-side and I'm sure some do, but mine are one right on top of the other. Baby A is closer to my pelvic region and Baby B is closer to my breasts. They're very active on the ultrasound, moving around like true busy bodies. And when they're still, they look like they're chillin' on sofas in my womb. #Unbothered

Everyone told me when they started kicking it would feel like butterflies fluttering and that it would be great.

Butterflies fluttering is too gentle of a description. Let me see if I can describe it better. 

Do you know those coil stoppers on the back of the wall in a bathroom? They're used to keep the door from jamming into the wall? If you (or a mischievous toddler) play with them they go: boy-yoy-yoing. It felt like like someone playing with one of those, three times, back-to-back in my stomach. And my stomach felt like a pillow absorbing the impact. So it's like a bathroom stopper vibrating against a pillow, but the pillow doesn't slow down the vibrations. It feels just like THAT.

And folks were right... IT! FELT! AMAZING!

Apparently, I was supposed to have started feeling them move about 4 weeks I did. And on December 22nd, I didn't realize I HAD been feeling them for quite some time. I thought it was gas. #KanyeShrug

Now Baby A has joined the action and Baby A is kicking me right in the bladder. And now that I know what that movement is, I also realize it's pretty constant.

So yes, the babies are moving, my bathroom trips are even more frequent (Thanks Baby A) and most times I don't know if I should say "excuse me" or "HURRY UP AND FEEL MY BELLY!" to anyone in my vicinity. 

There are two lives inside of me and I can tell from all this action on the inside that they're ready to make their presence known. This is one of the truly unique pleasures of motherhood and I'm looking forward to experiencing so many more. 

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Kanae J said...

I used to love feeling her kick. I had an anterior facing placenta so her movements were a little muted until the end. I used to love seeing my belly move. Sometimes she wasn't that active and I would get paranoid. I would shake my belly and she would move like leave me alone. Lol!