Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Surviving a Spirit Airlines Flight

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My ticket was $121 one-way, which included all the "extras" I paid for including: 1 checked bag, zone 2 priority seating and choosing my own seat. I opted out of gate check in ($10) and a carry on ($55) and the big seat in the front ($40).

Here are my top 10 ways to survive a spirit flight:

10. Print your boarding pass BEFORE you get to the airport. Even if you check in online, if you use Spirit's printers to print your boarding pass, it will cost you $10

I checked in online only to find out they don't have electronic boarding passes. (Why would I play myself and think they would employ any technology whatsoever?) I don't have a printer at home and the flight was late on Saturday night, so 24 hours ahead of time I wasn't at work to print it out. I ended up going to my girl's house in the Bronx to print it out, which took like 45 minutes. But it was well worth it because when I got to the airport with maybe 5 people in line in front of me, I was accosted like a criminal by TWO employees talmbout: DO YOU HAVE YOUR BOARDING PASS?

I can only imagine how much less smoothly my evening would have went if the answer would have been no.

9. Get there early - My ticket said boarding time was 9:14 p.m. for a 9:59 p.m. departure. I figured it would board about about 9:30 p.m. and I was right. I was at the gate at about 8:30 p.m. and that eased some of my concern.

8. Sit in the adjacent seats while waiting to board - Spirit likely only has one gate that all of their flights go out of. (Why waste money on more than one gate?), so folks are packed into the seats like sardines. More reputable airlines have more space and you can stretch out.

7. Be nice to the flight staff. It's only one person who checks your bags, and checks you onto the plane and that person is probably the pilot, too. Be nice to them. They have been dealing with people who are either poor (and likely disgruntled) or cheap (and likely disgruntled) all day long.

6. Expect for folks ON THE PLANE to NOT know how to act. Refer to yesterday's posts about the woman who doesn't know D from F, the woman who sat RIGHT next to me despite there being an extra seat in our row and the men who couldn't wait their turn to get off of the plane. Just expect that foolishness.

5. Bring your own snacks and water - I don't think a snack or drink cart came around while I was on the plane. Maybe because it was a night flight, maybe because they're a janky airline, maybe I was sleep. I've heard hat they say Cup 'O' noodles on the plane, but I didn't see that. In any case, don't even expect to BUY sustenance. Just bring it with you.

4. Bring entertainment, and especially headphones - Despite it being a night flight it was unusually loud. Some in part to the

3. Pack your seabands, Dramamine, rosary beads and/or prayer journal - Chile, the flight was shaky from wheels up to feels down. Fortunately for me, I fly ALL THEE TIME, so turbulence doesn't bother me. Fortunately for everyone on the plane around me, I'm in my second trimester and these babies have settled down a bit. It could have been bad all around.

2. READ THE FINE PRINT. Everything costs extra on Spirit. If you don't want to sit in a middle seat, pay for it. If you want to check in at the gate, pay for it. If you want anything that's normal on another airline, pay for it. But don't get there are be surprised that it costs money. You will be mad!

1. Lower your expectations - Seriously. Across the board, if you expect 0 and they show up at 80, you will be pleasantly surprised. And that's better than expecting 100 and getting 80, which is a C, which is average, which is basic. And being basic and average is virtually failing.

Bonus Tip: Get up and walk around. My flight was only two hours, but if you play yourself with a true cross-country flight on Spirit, you're going to be rickety sitting in those made-for-toddler seats. Get up and walk around. Your body will thank you.

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Ishea said...

Again... another post that made me chuckle. I will never fly Spirit lol