Thursday, December 10, 2015

Silver Linings

Thanks folks for the congrats! 

Ok, so pregnancy sucks, but there are some amazing moments that I've experienced while being pregnant. Don't want to leave those out under the guise "keeping it real."

  • Bringing Joy - Life's hard and people need stuff to be excited about and look forward to. A bunch of my family members broke out into tears when I told them I was pregnant. They said it was like a breath of fresh air. To see them so happy for me was really touching. And when I dug a bit deeper I found out they each were *Kanye voice* dealing with some problems that you cain't believe. So me being knocked up made their problems seem smaller, if only for a moment and that's wonderful.
  • Connecting with Bae - I have these amazingly tender moments with my boyfriend about our hopes and dreams and fears for our children. I always think about how a baby (or two) would make me feel and didn't think about the fact that their father would have these strong feelings as well. It's fun to share that with another person. 
  • Bonding with twin moms - Did you know only 3% of all pregnancies in America are twins? So, when we meet each other, there's this built in support that you just can't find anywhere else. There are hugs and real advice (you don't ACTUALLY need two of everything) and free stuff and a general willingness to help. There aren't enough articles in the world to make others understand what it feels like to carry, and later give birth to, and later raise two kids #AtTheSameDamnTime. Twin moms get it. Happy to be in this super supportive club.
  • Letting Someone Else Handle It - From picking up boxes, to cooking, to planning baby showers, there are some things that I just don't have to do any more right now. For someone who bust out of the womb as an independent woman, it's nice to sit back and let other folks do things.   
  • Gifts and Such - People [mostly coworkers] randomly bring me baby stuff and food. It's so lovely to think that someone who you haven't even ever shared a meal with, thinks enough about your unborn children to shower you with goodies. Babies really turn folks into mush.  
  • Heartbeats - I heard my babies heartbeats on the first ultrasound. I think it was somewhere between 8-12 weeks. (As a twin mommy, I get ultrasounds every two weeks. I go to the doctor the way most folks go to the club. #AllTheTime). Anywho, those heartbeats melted me. I was like OSS, there are three hearts beating in my body. *Pastor Hannah voice* WOW!
  • BELLY RUBS! - Unlike most pregnant women, I love it when people rub my belly. Yep, even strangers. I'm usually in pain and human touch makes me feel SO MUCH BETTER. Seriously, get in there and make an impact! Since I've been preggers, I went home for about a week and my mom came to New York for about a week and both weeks, we start every day with her rubbing my belly for at least 10 minutes. SERIOUSLY, THE BEST FEELING EVER!
Twins or singleton, what was your favorite part about pregnancy? OR what are you most looking forward to if you plan to carry a child in the future? 


Ishea said...

To keep it real, the what I'm looking forward to most if I ever become a mother would be getting my post-baby BREAST REDUCTION!!!! Lol... I know it's funny, but I've currently a 34DDD and wish I would've gotten a reduction at 21. Now I'm 31 and know that doctors don't recommend a reduction if you'll become a mom in the next 5 years. Now I feel like I'm rolling the dice.

Kanae J said...

I enjoyed seeing her at all of my ultrasound appointments and feeling her. Since I had gestational, I got an ultrasound once a week starting at 32 so I have so many pics. I loved when she was having a lazy day and I got worried if I talked to my belly, she would move. I liked playing music for her.

T said...

@Ishea, I would have never known. You keep the girls on display, so it didn't occur to me that you would ever consider getting them reduced. I had a cousin who had a reduction and she loves it. Fewer back problems and such.

@Kanae Your favorite parts are so sweet!