Monday, December 21, 2015


I am terribly sorry for all of the things I said to or thought about pregnant women while I was not pregnant. Here are a few of them:

  • Sleep when the baby sleeps. This is dumb and I'm sorry I said it. I heard someone else give that advice... Probably a grandmother. Grandmothers are great, except for the fact that they haven't had newborns in um... 20-30 YEARS! They romance so much stuff. I have no business as a younger woman spewing that trash. 
  • She's not on maternity leave YET. This is something I said to my head when a manager would tell me they were letting up the workload on a coworker because she expecting. I always felt like the single, unmarried person has to pick up the slack for everyone who has life events. Just because I wasn't planning a wedding or planning a new life, didn't mean I deserved to be in the office all night either. I thought carrying a baby was like growing hair. Like it just happens... and outside of your belly getting bigger (or hair growing longer) there's no physical toll on the body. Boy, was I wrong. Expecting mothers actually need to rest and need stress-free lives. I know that now and I'm sorry for thinking these mean things before.
  • I wish I had a husband and/or kids, so I could leave at 5 p.m. too - This is me being selfish and self-centered FOR SURE (And it's my own time management issue of not respecting my single, no kids activities enough to let them take precedence over my work). Because when you have to care for a new life (or align your life to another human's in marriage) there are SO MANY more important things than work and deadlines. And I'd rather give 85% at work, so I can show up for my family, than to give 110% at work and be raggedy as hell at home. When I drop these shorties, I can't see myself staying past 5 p.m. at work ever. 1, because daycare has late fees, but 2. Because I just would rather be with them than at the office. I never fully grasped that concept before.  

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Ishea said...

I've been guilty of thinking some of these same thoughts. I think it's nice that you're adding some perspective and apologizing for your non-mom thoughts :) lol