Friday, December 11, 2015

Fibroids: Here's What I Know

I probably should have wrote a whole post on this, but need to explicitly state, I'm not a big fan of people finding out I'm pregnant from other people. Like if my auntie tells my cousin, that's ok. But I don't like folks making mass announcements on my behalf. (I didn't let my mother tell my grandma - her mama - I was pregnant, that's how serious I am about this). 

That's a big part of why you won't see any baby bumps on Facebook, Twitter or Insta. And I won't be sharing my woes with more open networks or linking this blog to every social channel known to man. 

This blog is so limited (I'm not really trying to go viral), so I hope you all can refrain the mass social media congrats on platforms outside of this blog. Or you can always text me :) 

And my bad for not saying so earlier. I know this is a tricky subject. 

On to the subject at hand.


I have fibroids. I have four of them and from what I understand they're about the size of golf balls. Right now, they are not in the way of my babies. It's my prayer that they will stay out of the way for the duration of my pregnancy and throughout delivery.

WHAT ARE FIBROIDS: Fibroids are benign growths in your uterus.

WHAT WERE [MY] PRE-PREGNANCY FIBROID SYMPTOMS Before I got pregnant, the worst they did was make me have bad cramps and heavy bleeding. At it's worst, I'd just have to change my tampon frequently and keep a tight ibuprofen regimen.

At their best, I forgot I even got fibroids.

WHAT ARE OTHER FIBROID SYMPTOMS: If you watch RHOA, you saw Cynthia deal with a growth in her stomach, increased pain, decreased libido. None of that happened to me

WHAT MY DOCTORS TOLD ME ABOUT FIBROIDS: No healthcare professional EVER told me I should do something about them because they might cause pregnancy complications. Perhaps [like my aunts and grandmother], they thought I was too much of a career woman to be worried about having kids [yes, people really say this stuff to me], and didn't see the need to talk to me about it. What flawed logic.

WHAT COULD HAPPEN NOW THAT I'M PREGNANT: Now, BOOM! I'm pregnant and I find out that fibroids cause pregnancy complications and there's nothing I can do about them. They might take blood from my babies. My babies may take blood from them. They may die and cause pain. They may get in the way of my babies' air supply, they may cause vaginal deliver issues.

They may do nothing.

WHAT I SUGGEST YOU DO: Stop NOT talking about your vaginal and uterine issues. We have to share information (and apparently when you're pregnant people love to talk about vaginas.) If you have fibroids and you've never had children, ask your doctor what your options are. AND if your doctor is all "Don't worry about it" go to another doctor. There are some folks who specialize in removing them via surgery or laser and from what I understand the risks of removing them are way fewer than the risks involved with having them AND a life (on in my case, two lives) in your uterus.

Also, just sent a newsletter about how Chrisette Michele suffers from fibroids too and how she manages them. Way more info from them than I had to give. They are such a timely and relevant resource for black folks.

That's my soapbox for the day. I wish you all happy, healthy vaginas.

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