Saturday, December 19, 2015

Elastic and Such

Side Note: I've been replying to your pregnancy post comments via blog comments (Go figure). I haven't replied to blog comments in years, but I figured you all might not want to get a text every single time I have a response or thought about YOUR response to this blog. 


When I look at my clothes, there's elastic in a lot of things. I almost want to invest in elastic, that's how much there is. I never noticed it before I was pregnant. They just seemed like regular clothes.

Now, I don't like any clothing item hugging my belly. Loose, flowy shirts are awesome. I see lots of moms to be in tank tops, man hell naw. I've also heard of these things called belly bands that help you wear your pants for longer. Essentially, the zipper and button is wide open and the band holds them up discretely under your clothes. Again, the idea of a zipper, button, rivet, string, belt, anything pressing up against my belly all day sounds torturous.

My uniform is long shirt, leggings. Or dress or tunic (That is now just a long shirt) and leggings. If it's warm enough, I'll wear a maxi skirt and cotton shirt or flowy shirt. I have rules about them too. If they have elastic on the waistband, they gotta go.

When I get home, it's all about the moo moo. Wide enough to hold me. Short enough to make bathroom trips. Modest enough that all of my neighbors aren't getting crotch shots regularly.

What I found is that some of the things I need to wear still have too much elastic. I have become an expert in cutting it out. So far here's a list of what works and what doesn't when it comes to cutting out elastic

I can cut the elastic - No problem 
- Leggings
- Mini skirts (worn over leggings under shirts that are too short)
- Boy shorts from H&M

I cannot cut the elastic. I'd played myself. 
- Tights - OMG, you should have seen me hiking these things up towards the end of the day on the train. They were around my knees. Ass all out.
- Basketball shorts - It seems they stitch the elastic throughout the entire pair of shorts, so it's not worth it to try to cut it off.
- Well made yoga or workout pants - They have the super stitching too like basketball.

I just took a pair of scissors into the bathroom at work and did a DIY job on a skirt. I'll buy more clothes when I'm not pregnant. I'm not about to be uncomfortable all day long. (These are cheap things anyway: tights, leggings, boyshorts... I'm not going Martha Stewart on any quality gear.)

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