Sunday, December 13, 2015

Eating For Three

I always thought it would be fun to eat constantly as a pregnant woman and gain as much weight as you like. What I didn't know (or realize) is that if I DON'T, I'm going to be sick. Here's a list of foods I can eat (this list is MUCH shorter than the list of food I cannot eat).

10. Fruit
9. MOST veggies, I'm especially fond of avocado right now.
8. Chicken
7. Ground or roasted turkey (I can't have an deli meats)
6. Bread and Baked goods (this actually makes me happy since I didn't used to keep bread in my house). Now I eat Hawaiian bread to stave off nausea and these children haven't taken donuts from me. For that I am grateful.
5. Cheese... sometimes and usually with something mac & cheese, cheese and crackers, grilled cheese (but no soft cheeses, those are not good for the babies). Cheese pizza. Can you believe this. I think cheese pizza is sacrilegious. PIZZA NEEDS MEAT... but not while I'm pregnant 
4. Oatmeal and cereal. I have to drink soymilk now though because I need the calcium, but these kids ARE NOT GOING when it comes to cow's milk. Y'all know I stan for cow's milk, ah well.
3. Bacon and breakfast sausage. Sausage on pizza will have me in the bathroom all night.
2. SIMPLE, SIMPLE, SIMPLE pasta dishes. Limited meat. Limited spices. I went to Cheesecake Factory and asked for pasta and marinara sauce and that's it. They put basil in my joint... I thought I was going to die. Give me BLAND or give me death.
1. Eggs. I really enjoy eggs during this pregnancy.

I'm lowkey shocked that I got to 10 foods that I can actually stomach.

For the 10 minutes I'm stuffing my face every hour, I am very happy because it's the only time where my body isn't spazzing out against me. As soon as I get to the last bite of a sandwich, I'm like watching and waiting. Shit might go well, might not.

What was your go-to food when you were pregnant?


Ishea said...

Clearly I'm not pregnant, but my oddest food combo that I adore (that reminds me of stereotypical pregnancy food) would be flaming hot cheetos and potato salad from the deli lol. It's SO freaking bomb. I also love flaming hot funyons.

Kanae J said...

I had to have chocolate milk. She would dance every time I had it. Thankfully she let me indulge in pizza once a week.

T said...

@Ishea Do you read VSB? When I read your craving, I was like "that's the blackest craving I have ever heard." ALSO, I know Seattle is different, but I'm lowkey judging you for eating deli potato salad. That CANNOT be good.

@Kanae, Oh how I wish I could drink milk. Soymilk is way more expensive than cow's milk. These children and their expensive tastes are going to run me into the poor house.

Anna Visak said...

Hey so I'm super late and binge reading you blog like a Netflix series lol
With B- I ate constantly like I was always starving. Couldn't stomach chicken. Constantly ate fast food.
With Nate- Loved salads and chicken
With Luke- I was a cliche and would buy pickles and drink the juice straight out of jar in the grocery store parking lot. :)