Saturday, December 12, 2015

Daniel Holtzclaw

What Pleases Me
- That a jury made up of all white people, still saw fit to convict a former police officer of wrongdoing.
- The the OKC police department wrote a statement saying they are happy with outcome. This whole "above the law" attitude has to stop and they took a giant leap towards treating humans like humans instead of black people like animals and cops (and/or white men) like saints. 
- That there is some hope for a fair trial in America. After Trayvon Martin and Eric Garner, I was starting to think there wasn't. Jordan Dunn's case shows a beacon of light in the justice system as well.

What Angers Me/Scares Me To Death
- That this happened in the first place. His victims ranged from females ages 17 to a grandmother. Reports said he grabbed the grandmother's breast and made her perform oral sex on him. Think about your grandmother, living or alive. Think about if someone did this to her. How angry are you right now? There aren't enough jail cells in the world to contain that anger.
- That he was charged in raping 13 women and only 8 of them got guilty charges. This doesn't mean he didn't rape the other 5. This means there wasn't enough evidence to show that he raped the other five. This scares me senseless because if they'd brought a case with just those 5 women, he would be walking free right now. And people would be screaming about how justice was served and how women (in these cases, poor black women) should stop lying on men for attention.
- THAT MAINSTREAM MEDIA DID NOT COVER THIS CASE - They had cameras in the courtroom with OJ. They are giving us 24 hour coverage on the bigoted, racist, Donald Trump. But they only wrote about this story AFTER there was a guilty verdict. I got all of my news about this case from alternative sources. Shame on CNN, MSNBC, FOX, hell CSPAN for not covering this case.


Ishea said...

Agreed. I'm glad you wrote about this and shared the same sentiments re: the lack of coverage. It's upsetting that I didn't hear about this until the verdict was reached. I wish the media would stop paying attention to Trump, who is a major shit show distraction, and actually cover the stuff that matters.

T said...

@Ishea - If I had more money and free time, I would sue the news networks for not giving each candidate equal air time. There has to be some kind of law about this on the books. Even if he isn't giving the stations money, the fact that he has more money than all of the other candidates is influential and it's very upsetting that they are chasing ratings and putting our country and its muslim citizens in danger by giving credence to his BS.

I don't have that kind of time or money though, so I'll just write about it on the blog.