Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Black Owned Businesses in Pittsburgh

One thing I appreciated about Pittsburgh is the people who have committed to stay in the city are committed to its improvements from a civic, economic and even social standpoint. I really appreciate their commitment and this year, as Black Lives Matter encouraged us to Buy Black this holiday season, I wanted to provide a guide to where to go in Pittsburgh to keep your dollars in the neighborhood.

(Also this has been in my drafts FOREVER and I just need to get it published, so...)

Here are the top 10 black owned businesses in entertainment, food, beauty and shopping to support and frequent in Pittsburgh.

  1.  The Hub Pgh - Website that keeps you up-to-date on the latest food and entertainment for young professionals in the 'Burgh. They're on Instagram too.
  2. Savoy- Restaurant during the day. Lounge during happy hour. Club at night. Pretty much the only reputable place to party in Pittsburgh.  
  3. Carmi Soul Food- People call it Carmi's because you know black people can't just say Jewel or Nordstrom. It's Jewel's or Nordstrom's. But I heard the food is good. Sad I never made it here while I lived there.
  4.  Dream Cream Ice Cream - I think I've talked about this before, but for every scoop you get, 25% of the proceeds goes to someone's dreams. I raised money for the Children's Sickle Cell Foundation here. And the ice cream is good! 
  5. Jerome Bettis' Grille 36 - It wouldn't be Pittsburgh without memories of the bus all over the city. This is close to PNC park and has good, reasonably priced (but not cheap), bar eats. Definitely a great before or after the game spot.
  6. Ultimate Beauty Spa - I never made it here, but made a note to add it to my list.
  7. Ambiance- Nice hair and nail salon on the northside. I went to JJ for a cut and blowout.
  8. Mark Anthony Salon - This is a family owned salon and everything in here is sweet as pie. They have a student discount day on Tuesdays and they are experts at cut and color. Get ready for prices that mirror salons in much larger markets, but you get what you pay for so I highly recommend them. Anyone there is good, but I went to Chardae.
  9. Society Men's Grooming Lounge - Upscale Barber Shop that actually opened since I left. I love to see black folks doing big things in the 'Burgh.
  10. Windy's Boutique - Ok, this is a bit of a stretch. The owner of this salon is Winter Ramos of LHHNY fame (I never saw the show when she was on it though). I happened upon it on the way to happy hour and came up on some great finds. It's in southside and worth the trip. I don't know if she's black or not, but she's a person of color and I needed to get this list to 10, so go support her. 
Also, not listed, is a bed and breakfast in pgh that's black owned. I wrote it down somewhere, but lost it. If anyone knows that place or finds that place, please let me know. I would like to support them on one of my trips back to the 'Burgh.

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