Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Back of the Plane

I made a lot of decisions methodically. I'm robotic even, but it works for me. I rather enjoy sitting on the back of the plane. Here's why:

10. Quicker access to the bathroom on the plane.
9. When you have a carryon, there's usually more overhead bin space in the back.
8. When you have checked luggage, by the time you get off the plane your luggage waiting for you. 
7. You're closer to the flight attendants, so if you need help/extra goodies you are more likely to catch them.
6. People don't stare at you when they get on the plane (if you're in a middle or window seat).
5. People don't put their behinds on your shoulder when they get on the plane (if you're in an aisle seat).
4. The likelihood of their being an open seat next to you is WAY higher, so you can stretch out more times than not.
3. Somehow you avoid the long bathroom lines when you get OFF the plane. Probably the people in the middle opted out of going to the bathroom on the plane and by the time you get off, they're long gone.

2. People in the back of the plane are more chill. They're less likely to have a plane to catch or some important something to do, so they're not knocking you over to get off the plane. It makes for an overall better flying experience. 
1.  When the plane lanes you have time to check your email (if you're on a work trip) and your social media (when you're on a personal trip) BEFORE getting off the plane, so you don't have to walk through the airport with your head in your phone like all the other idiots.

Do you have an weird travel preferences? Where do you like to sit on planes?

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Miss Ti said...

I'm usually right behind the wing, left side, window seat. Right after the emergency announcements, I'm knocked out sleep! lol... But I never thought of sitting in the back of the plane like the way you presented. I may give it a try one trip.