Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Working... When No One Else Is.

I'm at the office today. 82% of my coworkers are not. Rather than complain, let's list some of the benefits to being in the office so close to a holiday.

10. The commute is easier. Seats on the train. No one pushing (not really, anyway). You can put your hand out in front of you and not

9. The entire office is my office. I could take a conference call on speaker phone. And it's 11:16 a.m. and I've had 4 calls/meetings already today, so SOMEBODY is working.

8. Friendly coworkers. The people who are here either don't have enough time off to get a day off due to getting married and using all their vaca time, having a baby and using all their vaca time or being new and having no time (or like me, they know there are benefits)

7. Treats and goodies. Folks have been cooking already and are bringing in their spoils to share. I am not mad at it.

6. List checkoff time. All of the stuff that was giving you anxiety, you can do at this time because no one's stopping by your desk with emergencies.

5. Fewer calls/emails. Even if you're in the office, folks assuming you're not in the office and therefore leave you alone. This includes coworkers and vendors. My clients know EXACTLY where I am and have been on my line all morning. LOL!

4. You don't have to waste a vacation day (or a sick day). We all know how precious those are.

3. Homemade treats and goodies. Folks have been cooking for the holiday already and are bring

2. Free pizza because they don't want our lazy asses taking a lunch hour AND getting off four hours early.

1. You can MAYBE make it to the grocery store before all the people who had to work all day. (We'll see if this is really true in about an hour)


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