Friday, October 9, 2015

Yay Me!

I think I've been preaching for a while now about how being yourself is the only way to win at life. Myself is honest and excellent. I just am.

So my new manager (bruh's been here two weeks) just got back from an agency review with my client and their feedback was:

1. T pushes us creatively. We'd like to see more people on the team do that.
2. T is more upfront with us than other team members. We'd like to see more people on the team do that.

Now, this is not about comparison. I work on a team. But me being added to the team is showcasing a new way to do things. I'm not about this pussyfooting around when it comes to delivering good or bad news to clients. I'm also not about this "let's just do it because it's in the plan" POV. It's it's not going to work or if it could be doper, let's take a few extra days or hours and make it doper.

Anywho, sometimes [often] I forget how I got here. I think I was magically delivered into my position by some unicorn job-offering saint. But nah, I'm here because I bring my whole self to everything that I do.

And that's better than any representative I could bring anywhere else.

Hope you're having a good work day, folks!

(And sorry I don't post more often. New York is taking up all of my free time.)

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