Saturday, October 31, 2015

Why It's Cheaper to Pay The 5

Today I went to Target. I'm not feeling so hot, so I took a cab there and back. It's too far to walk feeling sick and the train is STILL a long walk.

So my total including coupons and my 5% Redcard discount is $101.65. Add my two $10 cab rides, and my Target total is $121.65.

I go on, which has astronomical prices for SOME things and ok prices for everything else. They lack generic brands too, which is tough. Total for the same items and then adjusted for the couple of grocery items I bought at Target, free shipping and my total at is $111.04.

ALSO, I wouldn't have picked up a couple of items that I didn't really need that I grabbed at Target (how could you not).

I got Peapod AND Fresh Direct deliveries today (they have different inventory). Might as well add to the every other week deliveries.

We all do that though, don't we? For example driving across town for gas makes NO sense. You might save an entire 45 cents per tank, but burn up more gas than we need. Or saving a nominal amount for a flight, but then have a 4-hour layover. Then spend that nominal amount on (or more) in the airport.

Like why do we do this to ourselves to "save money?"

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