Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Tea Afficionados

I was at the Cincinnati airport about a week ago and was FREEZING coming off of my flight. I was already hyped up on coffee, so I asked the independent distributor at the gate if they had any tea. As fate would have it, they actually had Inca Tea made with real purple corn.

Fam, I didn't even know purple corn was a thing.

I've been into peach flavors a lot lately. May be my body wanting summer to never end, but I got the peach tea, it was only $3.25 AT THE AIRPORT... that's like 67% off of what I pay for anything in New York or at any other airport.

So anyway, follow them on Twitter and Insta @incatea on FB @incateallc and if you're so inclined, buy me some... oops, I mean buy a bag for yourself.

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