Saturday, September 12, 2015

Top 10 Benefits of Exercising in NYC

I have been struggling to commit to a workout routine since April. With all of the life changes, losing my job, looking for a job LIKE it was my job, moving to NY and all of the travel in between, I gave myself lots of [well deserved] breaks.

Now that I've been a New York resident for almost four months it's time to get back in the swing of things. I'm currently doing a #30for30. The benefits of exercise are the same every time, but you never remember or appreciate it until you're back on the grind.

Below are the top 10 benefits of working out in New York.

10. I'm more efficient at work. Since I know I have to leave to make a class or in time to workout and still have some evening less, I somehow get the same amount of work done in fewer hours.

9. It's a social activity. I've already seen a couple of coworkers at the gym and I'm thinking about taking classes with friends, which is nice.

8. I have more energy.

7. Mood booster. It makes me happy (afterwards, not during.) Shout out to endorphins.

6. Self-esteem. I feel better about myself when I know I am actively contributing to making me better.

5. Eating habits. You all know I eat what I want, but when I'm exercising my body craves healthier food. AND I know that if I eat a burger and fries that it's going to feel like death on the elliptical. I'm all about these fruits, veggies and lean meats lately.

4. NYC warmup. I do SO MUCH walking in NYC. I can't describe to you how big this city is and how folks will just walk 1 or 2 miles like it's nothing to get to the next destination. All of my gym workouts are really just warmups for days and nights in NYC, which is great.

3. Exploring my hood. Before I broke down and got a gym membership, I ran a couple of time (like 2) and found Marcus Garvey park. Yes, it smells like urine and there's trash and homeless folks everywhere, but there are also steps, a track and shaded areas, so perfect for a city run.

2. Support. Our #TeamFit Facebook group has turned into a GroupMe and it's awesome. People share photos, running maps, fitness routine and most of all we cheer each other on in real time. So now I'm an active participant instead of a bystander and it feels good.

1. Cuties at the gym. Yes, sir. Please do pull-ups in front of me. I'll just be sitting here swooning!

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Tea Afficionados

I was at the Cincinnati airport about a week ago and was FREEZING coming off of my flight. I was already hyped up on coffee, so I asked the independent distributor at the gate if they had any tea. As fate would have it, they actually had Inca Tea made with real purple corn.

Fam, I didn't even know purple corn was a thing.

I've been into peach flavors a lot lately. May be my body wanting summer to never end, but I got the peach tea, it was only $3.25 AT THE AIRPORT... that's like 67% off of what I pay for anything in New York or at any other airport.

So anyway, follow them on Twitter and Insta @incatea on FB @incateallc and if you're so inclined, buy me some... oops, I mean buy a bag for yourself.

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Managers Be Like...

Tuesday: This is a new process for you. I'm excited to teach you how to do it. Please ask me anything. There are no dumb questions. 

Wednesday (after asking a question): I want you to feel comfortable that you can make some logical deductions based on the information that's available.

I'm sure she thinks I asked a dumb question and she's tired of answering them, but don't tell me I can ask you anything, then shut me down when I double check something.