Thursday, August 6, 2015

I Miss Modesty

I'm learning in New York fashion trumps modesty. People look like whatever on the streets. On the one hand, it's empowering. It's like listen, be yourself and just rock out with whatever makes you happy. On the other hand when this "do what you want" shit shows up in my conference room, it bothers me. And the biggest issue is people don't KNOW they're wrong.

If you're in the south and you go to church without stocking on, you KNOW you're wrong. In New York, mogs will just have their skin showing at work and no one will bat an eyelash. It's driving me batty! Here are the top 10 things I sometimes love, but REALLY hate at work in New York

10. Women not wearing bras.
9. Women letting their bras show.
8. Halters, tanks, Racerback tanks (why am I looking at your back and side boob at work?)
7. Spaghetti straps tanks, spaghetti strap dresses, spaghetti strap jumpers.
6. Short jumpers at work
5. Short shorts at work.
4. Miniskirts and minidresses AT WORK!
3. Cutouts. How in the hell is it ok for me to be looking at your midriff, back, thigh, etc. at work... in meetings.
2. Club dresses at work. (This is just one chick in accounting and I just don't understand how she is still employed)
1. Bodycon dresses at work (not to be confused with shift minidresses (#4 on my list or short, but not fitted dresses #2 on my list)

Do you push the envelope with the "work" dress code? Do you have any pet peeves about how people dress at work? Am I being to uptight with my Southern Baptist upbringing and need to just let my bras and knee-length dresses go now that I'm a New Yorker.

And don't trip, on the weekend, I prefer to not wear bras (I really don't need them) and show a little thigh, but there's a time and a place and I just don't think M-F in a corporate environment is it.

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