Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Why Sway?

Why do I have to argue about things with people? I think having a certain level of intelligence coupled with a high work ethic puts me at odds with the rest of the country. Like 80% of the people in this world do not meet my mark and most of them are providing goods and services to me.

This morning
Pittsburgh Bank charges me for a fee they've NEVER charged me for before. I call and say

  1. T: hey, what is this and ALSO have the terms changed. 
  2. Entry Level Worker says: you didn't meet "XYZ requirement" and that's why you were charged.
  3. T: I'm never met that requirement and yet, I've never been charged. Can you tell me what changed. 
  4. ELW: Well, here are the requirements. 
  5. T: I'm not disputing the requirements. I'm asking you what changed this month that prompted the charge. 
  6. ELW: Here are the requirements. 
  7. T: Ma'am. Do you understand the words that are coming out of my mouth. Please do not repeat to me what you've told me three times on this phone call already. Can you look into my account history and tell me what changed. 
  8. ELW: I cannot.
  9. T: Can you locate someone at your establishment who can tell me these things. 
  10. ELW: Please hold... T, I have "Person Who Makes Decisions" on the phone. She can help. 

In my opinion steps 2-9 above are UNNECESSARY. Do not tell me no if you do not have the ability to tell me yes. Just say "I'm unable" and put the right person on the phone.


Actually, I'll save this story for tomorrow.

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Ishea said...

Lol... Girl, don't you just wanna fight the air? Like, can you just transfer the call to someone who doesn't have to read off of the training doc? Thanks.