Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Why Sway... Continued

Today is July 7th.

After getting what I wanted this morning from a Pittsburgh bank, I decided, let's keep the party going this afternoon and call and get things working.

Here's the situation.

After moving out of my Pittsburgh apartment and having all of my ducks in a row, I am getting bills for the new tenant's water service. The building is the ONLY entity that can change the name on the water service. I cannot change it. The water company cannot change it. The building manager told me via email that he would change on 5/27. The notarized letter I had to transfer the lease ALSO stated what I would handle. What the new tenant would handle. And what the building manager would handle, effective June 1, 2015.

Knowing all of this detail, after receiving the bill in NYC, I call the water company to see if it had been changed. The entry level worker on the phone proceeded to tell me that there's nothing that can be done and tried to shoo me off the phone.

Meanwhile, I didn't ask her to DO anything. I asked her for information. So I say ma'am, can you put your manager on the phone. Manager gets on the phone and starts talking. Doesn't ask me anything.

That's what you're NOT going to do. Please allow me repeat my question. Second hand inquiries never yield correct results.

After LISTENING to me, she goes on to tell me, she can't change it (I knew that), I can't change it (I knew that) and that the apartment manager HAS NOT called to change. Bingo. That's wtf I called to ask. Why it took 15 minutes and two grown adults to answer that baffles me.

I digress.

THEN when I inquired of the building manager on 7/1 about the change, he proceeded change it THAT day, then told me I would have to work with the new tenant to get my prorated money.

That's what I'm NOT gone do.

So that bring us to today.

Today I call and ask for the manager's manager, Kelly. The nosey receptionist hears my name and wants to know WHAT I'm calling Kelly about. (Kelly does not have voicemail.) I say it's regarding the water bill. She goes "Well the manager already changed your name on the water bill, what else do you want."

Woman, your message taking ass better just take this fucking message THE WAY I GAVE IT TO YOU and get it to the right mfer at your establishment before I come through this phone and slap the shit outta you.

I responded "She'll know what I need." and we got off the phone.

Kelly hits me back. We do the obligatory small talk. (I effing hate small talk) and then I explain the situation. Kelly proceeds to tell me that money changing hands is between me and the new tenant. I disagree. I remind her that: 

1. The water bill does not work that way. The building is responsible for changing the name on the water bill.  
2. I have an email from her employee saying he would change it. 
3. I have a notarized letter stating what I would do, what the new tenant would do and what the building would do.
4. Finally, as of 5/31/15, my name is not on the lease. I am not responsible for anything in that building, which is why I'm not receiving my security deposit. It's going to the new tenant and I have to PRAY that he'll give me my money back. Said water bill would constitute something in that building THAT I AM NO LONGER RESPONSIBLE FOR. 

She asks if I can send her the email. (This WOMAN is copied on my last correspondence that I sent on July 1, but they are so done with me for having the unmitigated gall to *gasp* lose my job and move to New York, that I'm sure she erased my email the moment she saw it.)

I am currently waiting for a response, but if it's anything less than favorable, I may pay the water bill and take them to small claims court. Yes, I will go all the way to Pittsburgh to do this because my brain does not wrap around why people don't want to do their own jobs. This is your job. Putting the water bill in the new tenant's name by June 1, 2015 is what you are SUPPOSED to do. I don't call you and ask you to pitch the New York Times on behalf of my clients. Why would you email me and tell me to get payment for a bill from YOUR tenant in my old apartment.

People like to say that I'm difficult, but back to yesterday's point. I think my combination of intelligence and work ethic make it difficult for me to empathize with others who don't share the same. WHY WOULDN'T YOU FIX YOUR MISTAKE? WHY DO I HAVE TO TALK TO 12 PARTIES OVER THE COURSE OF 7 DAYS FOR SOMETHING YOU FORGOT TO DO.



UPDATE: The person who's able to make decisions (the manager's manager) fixed this for me. She sent me a total of what I owe and what the new tenant owes. I'm going to pay my balance now. This wasted hundreds of dollars in billable time for my company, but at the end of the day I'm not paying for someone else's utilities. 

Also going to be at work all damn night now because these hours aren't going to bill themselves. Jerks.

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Ishea said...

Sorry you had to deal with this. I feel annoyed for you... and want to leave a terrible Yelp review lol