Thursday, July 9, 2015

Adult Decisions

This month marks the first month since January, that I'll be able to aggressively pay down my students loans. But then life happened. Mogs are pregnant. I have three choices:

  1. Pay some on the loan, but go to Pittsburgh for Joy's baby shower & send a gift for B's baby shower on the same day at the same time in Chicago.
  2. Pay some on the loan, but go to Chicago for B's baby shower and send a gift for Joy's baby shower on the same day at the same time in Pittsburgh. It should be noted that my grandmother's 76th birthday celebration (ice cream, cake and bbq at her newly renovated home) is that same weekend. As is the New Life Singles cruise (but I'm probably not going to that because I live in New York). ALSO, P. Diddy is pregnant and I could see her and/or her newborn this weekend because she opted NOT to have a shower.
  3. Realize that I live in New York and I can't just be popping up in Pittsburgh and Chicago because people I love have things going on there. Stay in New York for the weekend and pay what I said I was going to pay on the loan. Send a gift to both B & Joy and a card to my grandmother, but be closer to my financial goals.  
 There are pros and cons to each choice. Being an adult is wack arnold's sometimes. 

1 comment:

Ishea said...

I vote #2. Your student loans aren't going anywhere, but having the opportunity to celebrate the life of your grandmother and pregnancy of your girlfriend seems like a solid plan. IF you can afford to do it, I'd invest in the experiences b/c it's a 2-for-1.

Being closer to your financial goals is awesome... but if you aren't breaking the bank to attend the events, I'd go... and it's always Chicago > Pittsburgh.