Friday, July 10, 2015

About Working Out in New York...

I don't wanna!

Everything is harder in New York. It's hard to breathe. It's hard to walk without getting stepped on. It's hard to get ahead without working like a Hebrew slave. It's hard to schedule a meal with people you've known for years because everyone is scheduled to death. It's hard to get an apartment. It's hard to pay the rent to the apartment that you got.

This is just a hard city.

And while I love New York and all of its harshness, I relish every SINGLE moment I get to relax. This brings me to working out. I have to do it. My mental and physical state requires it, but after long days and nights, I just don't have the same desire to workout as I once did.

You walk 20 New York blocks because you don't REALLY know where you're going or because the East/West buses are slow or because you're with a native New Yorker and they think a 20 block walk is nothing... do that, then tell me do you want to see an inside of anyone's gym or run anywhere? I just want to eat and sleep.

BUT... I'm committed to working out. The most I've done lately is 2 or 3 a week. Oh, another challenge. There's no gym within walking distance of my house. There's one a train stop away, but I'm not doing that. THEN there's a boot camp near my home, but it costs $150 for 3 classes a week. That doesn't add up for me. If I'm paying that much I want to be able to come and go to a gym as I please and I've just never paid that much to work out.

AND, did I mention how expensive rent is...

The point is, I'm exercising, but I don't get joy out of it anymore. It's like another to-do on my long to-do list and I didn't know New York would have that affect on my fitness.

I'm going to keep looking for "convenient" fitness options that make me happy.

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