Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Time Wasters

I read a really cool article about productivity. I think it was in Fortune. It said in addition to a to-do list, keep a to-don't list. Include on it little things that waste your time. As I'm sitting here not able to use social media, I've come up with like eight other things to do to NOT work. (I swear I'm productive though, just a complete busy body in my head). Here's my to-don't list. Let see if I can follow it.

10. Write/Read non-work related blogs during the work day. (Welp)
9. Facebook
8. Twiter
7. Instagram
6. Text people randomly (and/or respond to texts that I forgot to respond to during the week)
5. GroupMe (ooh wee, this is a mess)
4.  Updates my lists (concerts, restaurants, groceries, sermons) in Evernote
3. Check personal email
2. Online/Actual shopping
1. Gchat

What keeps you from being productive during the day?

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