Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Oh, It Was Too Hard?

I have zero tolerance for waitstaff telling me it's too difficult/labor intensive to split a bill. My friends are not my husband. We do not have joint checking accounts and we do not carry cash and we do not HAVE to.

Them saying that to me is the equivalent of me telling my clients, your product is too hard to market. People get up every day and do very difficult things.

Monica Lewinsky has to try to find a boyfriend who takes her seriously.

Soldiers have to kill other humans to keep their respective countries safe.

I have to board trains full of people who DO THIS EVERY DAY, but still don't know to go to the middle of the train unless you're getting ready to get off.

Top brands have to anticipate smaller brands coming for their dome CONSISTENTLY. And smaller brands have to think of way to take share from the top.

And you came to work. To work now, not to social hour, or Netflix time or beach volleyball.

You came to WORK and it's TOO HARD to separate 11 entrees from each other for the purpose of getting paid, when you've already added 18% gratuity? Our request INCONVENIENCED YOU?


Looking for a new phrase for lazy. It should be in the dictionary next to: do better, try harder and this ain't that.

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Unknown said...

I've started carrying cash when I know I'm going to a restaurant and we're going to split the bill. Anything more than four people gets complicated, and I'd hate to be on the waiter's end of that transaction. 11 people is a small army.