Thursday, June 11, 2015

NYC Observations: Booking, Eating, Drinking

So New Yorkers like options. As such, a lot of them double book their evenings and go with the best option and / or the option that doesn't cancel. You all know I have issues with people canceling on me, so this is good to know upfront.

So far, everyone typically calls/emails/texts to confirm and if I say hey, I'm not going to make it, they're SUPER chill about it.

I lowkey like this. It makes it so you are always doing the best thing. But also, if you are dead dog tired, you don't feel obligated to do something just because you said you would.

Also, everyone is busy. People are busy doing nothing. Folks in other cities eat three meals a day, but somehow eating in New York is takes up all of your waking time.

And drinking takes up the other time. There is liquor everywhere. It's like bread at an Italian restaurant or chips and salsa at a Mexican restaurant or Cheddar biscuits at Red Lobster. It just is.

I'm lowkey surprised they don't have liquor in church. It's New York though, so I'm sure I could find a church with liquor in it, if I tried hard enough.

I can find anything my heart desires here.

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