Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Location, Location, Location

So having an NYC apartment makes you hot shit. BUT ALSO, the lingo is hilarious. Everyone who lives everywhere else INVITES themselves to your place.

But they don't ask if they can stay. Two of my friends have legit said via text.

"I'll be in NYC XYZ date"

Weeks after these texts were exchanged, something in my spirit told me to ask them where they were staying.

They both replied "I was planning on staying with you."


I actually don't care. I love it, in fact. I love hosting people. And folks who are close enough to me to stay on my couch know who they are.

What I am afraid of is peripheral folks sending that say "I'll be in NYC" text and getting their face cracked when I roll out the "you can't sit with us" or in my case "you can't sleep on my couch" tshirts.

Ah, New York.

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